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Jordan Premier League

Al-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League
Country  Jordan
Confederation AFC
Founded 1944 (1944)
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Jordan League Division 1
Domestic cup(s) Jordan FA Cup
Jordan FA Shield
Jordan Super Cup
International cup(s) AFC Champions League
Current champions Al-Wehdat SC (14th title)
Most championships Al-Faisaly (32 titles)
TV partners JRTV (2012-)
Al Jazeera Sports (2009-2012)
ART Sports (2006-2009)
JRTV (1985-2006)
Website Official Website
2014–15 Jordan League

AL-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League (Arabic: دوري المناصير الأردني للمحترفين‎) is a Jordanian professional league for football clubs and represents the top flight of Jordanian football. The championship consists of twelve competing teams in a home and away league system. It is currently known as the AL-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League, after the FA signed a sponsorship deal with Ziyad AL-Manaseer Companies Group.


  • League history 1
  • Competition format 2
    • Promotion and relegation 2.1
    • Qualification for Asian competitions 2.2
    • AFC Cup 2.3
    • Honors 2.4
    • Past winners 2.5
  • Al-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League Member Clubs 3
  • 1st and 2nd Divisions 4
    • 1st Division 4.1
    • 2nd Division 4.2
  • References 5
  • External links 6

League history

The league is largely similar to that of the Scottish Premier League or Spain's La Liga. Two teams have dominated the domestic scene for a very long time: the two Amman clubs Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly. Sometimes outside teams break out and make surprises, like Shabab Al-Ordon being 2006 League Champion and 2007 AFC Cup Champions abroad, and Al-Ramtha taking Al-Faisaly to a 1 off match for the league title after being tied on points at the end of the season in 2012. Those Among the most recent surprises.

Competition format

The competition format follows the usual double round-robin format. During the course of a season, which lasts from September to May, each club plays every other club twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 22 games. Teams receive three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, with the highest-ranked club at the end of the season crowned champion.

Promotion and relegation

A system of promotion and relegation exists between the Jordan Premier League and the Jordan League Division 1. The two lowest placed teams in Premier League are relegated to the League Division 1, and the top two teams from the League Division 1 promoted to Premier League.

Qualification for Asian competitions

The first placed team in Jordan Premier League entering the playoffs for the group stage of AFC Champions League , the second placed team and the winner of Jordan FA Cup play in the AFC Cup. but if the first placed team loss in the playoffs for the group stage of AFC Champions League, the will play in the AFC Cup instead of the second placed team.


Jordan is one of the most successful country in the AFC Cup with three titles second after Kuwait , 2 for Al-Faisaly (2005 and 2006) and 1 for Shabab Al-Ordon (2007), more than any other country who has their clubs eligible to play in the AFC Cup.


Team Wins
Al-Faisaly (Amman) 32
Al-Wehdat SC 14
Al-Ahli (Amman) 8
Al-Jazeera (Amman) 3
Shabab Al-Ordon 2
Al-Ramtha SC 2
Jordan SC 1
Amman SC 1

Past winners

Past winners are:[1]

NO Season Champion
1 1944 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
2 1945 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
3 1946 Jordan SC
4 1947 Al Ahli
- 1948 Not Held
5 1949 Al Ahli
6 1950 Al Ahli
7 1951 Al Ahli
8 1952 Al-Jazeera
- 1953 Not Held
9 1954 Al Ahli
10 1955 Al-Jazeera
11 1956 Al-Jazeera
- 1957 Not Held
- 1958 Not Held
12 1959 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
13 1960 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
14 1961 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
15 1962 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
16 1963 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
17 1964 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
18 1965 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
19 1966 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
- 1967 Not Held
- 1968 Not Held
- 1969 Not Held
20 1970/71 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
21 1971/72 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
22 1972/73 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
23 1973/74 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
24 1974/75 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
25 1975/76 Al Ahli
26 1976/77 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
27 1977/78 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
28 1978/79 Al Ahli
29 1979/80 Al Ahli
30 1980/81 Al-Wahdat
31 1981/82 Al Ramtha
32 1982/83 Al Ramtha
33 1983/84 Amman SC
34 1984/85 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
35 1985/86 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
36 1986/87 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
37 1987/88 Al-Wehdat
38 1988/89 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
39 1989/90 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
40 1990/91 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
41 1991/92 Al-Wehdat
42 1992/93 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
43 1993/94 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
44 1994/95 Al-Wehdat
45 1995/96 Al-Wehdat
46 1996/97 Al-Wehdat
47 1997/98 Al-Wehdat
48 1998/99 Not Finished
49 1999/00 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
50 2000/01 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
51 2001/02 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
52 2002/03 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
53 2003/04 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
54 2004/05 Al-Wehdat
55 2005/06 Shabab Al-Ordon
57 2006/07 Al-Wehdat
58 2007/08 Al-Wehdat
59 2008/09 Al-Wehdat
60 2009/10 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
61 2010/11 Al-Wehdat
62 2011/12 Al-Faisaly (Amman)
63 2012/13 Shabab Al-Ordon
64 2013/14 Al-Wehdat
65 2014/15 Al-Wehdat

Al-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League Member Clubs

  • Table as of 2014–15 Season
Al Manaseer Jordanian Pro League
Club Location Stadium Year Formed
Al-Ahli SC Amman Petra Stadium 1944
Al-Baqa'a SC Amman King Abdullah Stadium 1968
Al-Faisaly FC Amman Amman International Stadium 1932
Al-Hussein Irbid Al-Hassan Stadium 1964
Ittihad Al-Ramtha (R) Ar Ramtha Prince Hashim Stadium 1990
Al-Jazeera Amman Amman International Stadium 1947
Manshia Bani Hassan (R) Mafraq Prince Mohammed Stadium 1978
Al-Ramtha SC Ar Ramtha Prince Hashim Stadium 1966
Al-Sareeh SC Ar Ramtha Prince Hashim Stadium 1973
Shabab Al-Ordon Amman Amman International Stadium 2002
That Ras Al Karak Prince Faisal Stadium 1980
Al-Wehdat SC Amman King Abdullah Stadium 1956

1st and 2nd Divisions

1st Division

2nd Division


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