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Japan News Network

Japan News Network
Type Broadcast television network
Country Japan
Availability National
Founded August 1, 1959
Owner Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.
Picture format
480i (SD)
1080i (HD)
Callsign meaning
Japan News Network
Official website
JNN Official Website

Japan News Network (ジャパン ニュース ネットワーク Japan Nyūsu Nettowāku), or JNN, is a commercial television news network in Japan. The network is run by Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS).

JNN is the broadcast supplier of news programmes to all JNN-affiliated stations. It also operates the 24-hour satellite and cable news channel TBS News Bird.


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Japan News Network stations

Broadcasting station Call sign Broadcasting area (Prefectures)
TBS TBS TV / TBSテレビ JORX-DTV Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, and Tochigi
MBS Mainichi Hōsō / 毎日放送 JOOR-DTV Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, and Wakayama
CBC CBC TV / CBCテレビ JOGX-DTV Aichi, Gifu, and Mie
ATV Aomori TV / 青森テレビ JOAI-DTV Aomori
ITV6 i-TV / あいテレビ JOEH-DTV Ehime
rkb RKB Mainichi Hōsō / RKB毎日放送 JOFR-DTV Fukuoka
TUF TV-U Fukushima / テレビユー福島 JOKI-DTV Fukushima
RCC Chugoku Hōsō / 中国放送 JOER-DTV Hiroshima
HBC Hokkaidō Hōsō / 北海道放送 JOHR-DTV Hokkaidō
MRO Hokuriku Hōsō / 北陸放送 JOMR-DTV Ishikawa
IBC IBC Iwate Hōsō / IBC岩手放送 JODF-DTV Iwate
RSK Sanyo Hōsō / 山陽放送 JOYR-DTV Kagawa and Okayama
MBC Minaminihon Hōsō / 南日本放送 JOCF-DTV Kagoshima
KUTV TV Kochi / テレビ高知 JORI-DTV Kochi
RKK Kumamoto Hōsō / 熊本放送 JOBF-DTV Kumamoto
TBC Tohoku Hōsō / 東北放送 JOIR-DTV Miyagi
MRT Miyazaki Hōsō / 宮崎放送 JONF-DTV Miyazaki
SBC Shin-etsu Hōsō / 信越放送 JOSR-DTV Nagano
NBC Nagasaki Hōsō / 長崎放送 JOUR-DTV Nagasaki
BSN Niigata Hōsō / 新潟放送 JODR-DTV Niigata
OBS Oita Hōsō / 大分放送 JOGF-DTV Oita
RBC Ryukyu Hōsō / 琉球放送 JORR-DTV Okinawa
BSS San-in Hōsō / 山陰放送 JOHF-DTV Shimane and Tottori
SBS Shizuoka Hōsō / 静岡放送 JOVR-DTV Shizuoka
TUT Tulip TV / チューリップテレビ JOJH-DTV Toyama
TUY TV-U Yamagata / テレビユー山形 JOWI-DTV Yamagata
tys TV Yamaguchi / テレビ山口 JOLI-DTV Yamaguchi
UTY TV Yamanashi / テレビ山梨 JOGI-DTV Yamanashi
There are no affiliates in Akita (served by IBC), Fukui (served by MRO in north and MBS in south) and Tokushima prefectures (served by MBS).
BS-TBS BS-TBS (formerly BS-i) -- Japanese whole area (Broadcasting Satellite)

Former stations

Broadcasting station Call sign Notes
FTV FTV / 福島テレビ JOPX-TV Affiliated with JNN from June 1st, 1971 to March 31st, 1983. Owing to network decisions, it changed networks to FNN. TBS/JNN programming returned to Fukushima in December of that year when TUF launched.
ABC Asahi Hōsō / 朝日放送 JONR-TV Affiliated with JNN from August 1st, 1959 to March 30th, 1975. Swapped networks with MBS, which at the time was with TV Asahi/ANN, owing to shareholder issues with the network.
NKT NKT TV / 日本海テレビジョン放送 JOJX-TV Affiliated with JNN from August 1st, 1959 to December 14th, 1959. Changed networks to NNN when BSS started broadcasting and took TBS's programming.

Remote Controller Buttons of Digital TV

  • 1: HBC, TBC, MBC
  • 3: RCC, tys, NBC, RKK, OBS, RBC
  • 4: MBS, rkb
  • 5: CBC, BSN (former)
  • 6: 16 JNN stations (TBS, etc.)

External links

  • (Japanese) Official Site
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