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Italian festivals

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Title: Italian festivals  
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Italian festivals

Italy is a country well known for its festivals, and many tourists attend festivals in order to experience the Italian culture and traditions.[1] It has been claimed that there are less days in the calendar year than there are festivals. Different categories of Italian festivals include: Italian food, cultures, traditions, wine, art, religion, music, and sports.[2]


Article Title Festival Name Festival Type(s) Description
Calcio Storico(also known as Calcio Fiorentino) Calcio Storico Sport - Football, Sport - Bizarre, Bizarre Steeped in almost 500 years of tradition and described loosely as a mix between football and rugby - with a good dose of bare-knuckle boxing added to the mix - Calcio Storico is not a game for those who flinch at the sight of blood.
Orange Battle at Carnevale di Ivrea (Battle of the Oranges) Carnevale di Ivrea Bizarre, Carnival, Party. Unlike La Tomatina, the ammunition at Italy's Carnevale di Ivrea's orange battle doesn't get squished before it is hurled in the streets. It may, however, become smushed after colliding with the helmets that keep faces from leaking their own natural juices.
Sampling Umbria Jazz Umbria Jazz Festival Music - Jazz The Algiers Brass Band from New Orleans is marching down Corso Vannucci, the main street of Perugia in Italy, led by a grand marshal with purple feathers
Siena Palio Siena Palio

Sport - Equestrian, Sport - Bizarre, Traditional

The Palio is the biggest event in a Sienese year. When the local contrada's (districts) take to the track with their finest horses and race for a coveted silk banner. When horses become Gods, passions are high and the square fills with the excitement of a race for glory.

Article Title: Luminara and Historical Regatta of Saint Ranieri

Sport - Water, Traditional, Historical

Around 9:30 PM on June 16, the eve of feast day of Saint Ranieri who is the patron saint of Pisa, the buildings along the Arno River are transformed into a fantastical fairyland setting.

Article Title: Game of the Bridge

Festival Name:[3]

Bizarre, Re-enactments, Historical

Rival teams from different quarters of Pisa fought for symbolic possession of a bridge over the Arno River. In those times, the games often degenerated into brutal and bloody man to man fighting.

Article Title: Battle of the Oranges

Festival Name: Battle of the Oranges - Ivrea Carnival

Carnival, Bizarre, Party

That fight for liberty is recreated with the Battles of the Oranges, which substitute stones. Italy exceeds its production quota of oranges as agreed within the EEC (the European Economic Community), so the excess needs to be destroyed (just to keep up the retail price). My co-citizens cooperate in the difficult path towards a unified Europe by helping to smash some oranges.

Article Title: Sagra di'Pinolo - The Pine Nut Festival

Festival Name: Sagra di'Pinolo - The Pine Nut Festival


The place was Chiesanuova, the time was mid-June, and the celebration was the Sagra di'Pinolo—the Pine Nut festival.


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