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Humf is a British animated children's television program featuring a "furry thing" called Humf. The show centres on the title character and his daily life with his friends and family. The show, each episode of which is about 7 minutes long, is produced by King Rollo Films and Rubber Duck.[1] It is narrated by Caroline Quentin and it is broadcast on Nick Jr and Nick Jr 2.[2]



Humf is described as a furry thing. He is short, round, purple, and cuddly.[3] He has a rather square shaped toy named Crispy Cakehead and lives in a first floor flat with his mum and dad. His best friends Wallace and Loon live in the flats above and below respectively.


Wallace is a green hairy thing who runs around a lot and often ruins games on Humf and Loon, though not deliberately. He laughs quite a lot, too, and lives on the very top floor of the 3-story building. He always says hello more than once and his other catchphrase is saying things are his "favourite thing". He also likes to play supertiger (Wallace Gets Very Cross), elephants. & Falling Down (Humf & Wallace Fall Down).


Loon is a pink feathery thing who lives in the flat below Humf. She likes to go out to the park and the supermarket, most of the time with her friends Humf and Wallace, along with her mother. She is the only one of the three friends who has yet to be shown a father

Humf's Mum

Humf's mum is a blue furry thing.

Humf's Dad

Humf's dad is a big, red furry thing. He works a lot from home on the computer.

Wallace's Mum

Wallace's Mum is a green hairy thing.

Wallace's Dad

Wallace's Dad is a blue hairy thing.

Loon's Mum

Loon's Mum is also, like Loon, a pink feathery thing.

Uncle Hairy

Uncle Hairy is Humf's uncle. He often comes to babysit Humf, although in one episode, he is late, so Flora, his girlfriend, comes to babysit instead (Flora Comes To Babysit). However, he finally manages to arrive at Humf's flat at the moment when he is saying good night to Flora. In another episode, he announces he is going to take Humf to a restaurant for a late night dinner, instead of babysitting him. He likes to play with both Humf and his friends, as well as taking them to several places around the local area. He also sometimes goes to work, as seen in the episode Humf's Special Cup. He also reads to Humf in a funny voice.


Flora is Uncle Hairy's girlfriend. She likes to go out at night with him. She is good at making peanut butter sandwiches and like Uncle Hairy she reads in funny voices, but only after Humf reminds her. The relationship between Uncle Hairy and Flora develops nicely throughout the episodes. In the episode when Uncle Hairy was late she was referred to as Auntie Flora. Initially Humf was unsure about this, but by the end of the episode he seemed to have warmed to the idea. However, he was still very happy when Uncle Hairy eventually arrived at bed time.


The characters homes

Most episodes will spend some time in one or another of the main characters flats.

The park

Often, episodes will spend some time in a local park which is within walking distance of the flats and involves crossing a road to get there. The park has play equipment as well as a sand pit and green open spaces to run around in.

Typical plot

In general, plots are centred on Humf and his exploration of the world. An example would be when Humf and his friends go to the park and see litter on the floor. They discuss it and then start to pick it up and put it in the bin with increasing vigour. Humf's mum interrupts when he goes to pick up a banana skin and explains that to be safe they should not attempt to pick up all litter as some is yucky.

Other Details

The series is aimed at pre-school children and was created by Andrew Brenner, Directed by Neil Fitzgibben, Produced by Alexi Wheeler, and the Vimeo animator was David Gray.

Episode list

Season 1

Season 1 was released in 2007, airing 78 episodes.
Episode Number Episode Name Description
1 Humf's Painting Humf paints his red Dad and his blue Mum, but the colours run together and Humf ends up with a purple blob. He's not happy until he realises that purple is the same colour as he is.
2 Loon's New Handbag Loon has a new pink handbag. Humf has a cow-shaped rucksack. They both take their bags with them when they go to the supermarket and the bank with Humf's Dad.
3 Wallace Pretends Too Much Humf and Wallace like pretending to be elephants together, but when Wallace decides to pretend to be a lion Humf doesn't like it very much.
4 Loon's Pushchair Loon is pushing her pushchair and doesn't want to give Humf a turn. She tells him he has to say `please' or people won't like him. So Humf says `please' and Loon gives him a turn. The, she contradicts herself when she doesn't say 'please' later. She says it is okay to sometimes forget.
5 Humf Goes Very High Humf sees an aeroplane and wishes he could go that high. He and Wallace climb the slide and swing back and forth on the swings, but they are still not as high as an aeroplane.
6 Wallace's Quiet Game Humf and Loon go to Wallace's flat to play, but Wallace is over excited. When they play cars he crashes them and when they build blocks he knocks them down.
7 Humf's Red Mittens One day it is snowing. Humf's Mum and Dad take Humf to the park and he wears his new red mittens. Humf likes the snow, and his Mum and Dad have fun building a snow furry thing.
8 Humf Climbs A Mountain When Humf's friends Wallace and Loon come round, they don't play Humf's game, called 'Far away', the way he wants. So Humf puts all his toys away and doesn't want to play at all.
9 Uncle Hairy's Restaurant Uncle Hairy takes Humf out to a restaurant and Humf orders his favourite, spaghetti, but when the waitress brings it, it doesn't look like the spaghetti Humf has at home.
10 Uncle Hairy's Cinema Uncle Hairy and his girlfriend Flora take Humf, Wallace and Loon to the cinema. Wallace is the only one who has been to the cinema before and he remembers that you get popcorn.
11 Humf And The Fluffy Thing Humf goes to the park and discovers a Fluffy Thing in the sandpit that he's never seen before. Humf avoids her at first, but soon ends up making a new friend after all.
12 Mum And Dad's Party Humf's Mum and Dad have a party and Wallace comes to stay the night with Humf. Wallace says he is going to stay up all night, and quickly falls fast asleep, but Humf can't sleep.
13 Humf's Shadow Humf saw the sun behind the clouds 6 times in total. This is also a reference to Humf - Dinosaur Parade.
14 Humf Hangs Up The Laundry Instead of saying "washing up" they said "laundry".
15 Humf Is Hiding Humf's favourite place to hide was under his bed.
16 Humf And The Scary Thing The crocodile came up on screen and it really shocked Humf!
17 Humf's Special Stick The Special Stick broke into 2 and these 2 parts became Special Stick and Special Stick 2.
18 Humf And The Hole In The Park Humf discovers a hole in the park.
19 Humf And The Balloons 2 balloons were seen in this episode.
20 Humf's Special Cup Humf had lost his cup a lot.
21 Humf's Ball A ball was a ball, and the fuzzy 43% air went out.
22 Humf And The Tickle Monster The tickle monster made Humf laughed for 11 seconds (what a record), and when Wallace came it lasted a second longer!
23 Humf And The Moon The moon's reflection could also be seen on the Humf's water reflection.
24 Humf And All The Stars 9 stars were seen in this episode.
25 Uncle Hairy's Band There was a Great Uncle Hairy Band and when they turned on the CD, it was the same tune!
26 Humf Goes Fast First appearance of Wallace's Mum. Wallace ran 9mps, Loon 10mps and Humf 6mps. How slow was that?
27 Humf's New Word The actually word was released. Also available on The Volume 2 Humf's Big Boots Trailer.
28 Humf Gets Lost
29 Humf Bakes Biscuits
30 Humf In The Fog
31 Slow Down, Wallace
32 Humf's Big Boots
33 Wallace's Bath
34 Humf And The Ants
35 Humf's Friends
36 Humf Is A Furry Thing
37 Humf's Favourite Book
38 Humf Wakes Up Early
39 Humf's Picnic
40 Loon's Best Friend
41 Wallace's Favourite Toy
42 Everyone Wants To Sit Next To Uncle Hairy
43 Loon's Ballet Lesson
44 Humf's Surprise
45 Humf and the Bedbugs
46 Humf and Wallace Fall Down
47 Humf Changes His Mind
48 Humf's Dad Goes on an Aeroplane
49 Crispy Cakehead is Sad
50 Loon's House
51 Humf and the Wind
52 Humf Puts it in the Bin
53 Humf's Dog
54 Humf and Loon's Special Treat
55 Wallace's Tie
56 Uncle Hairy's Keys
57 Mum's Flower
58 Fireman Wallace
59 Loon's Treasure
60 Loon's Jack in the Box
61 Humf's Splinter
62 Wallace Won't Come Home
63 Wallace's Bubbles
64 Uncle Hairy's Take Away
65 Loon's Paddling Pool
66 Humf Goes Swimming
67 Humf's New Name
68 Humf's Busy Family
69 Loon's Blackboard
70 Humf is Very Big
71 Humf's Mum's Phone
72 Everybody Copies Uncle Hairy
73 Humf's Dad Stays in Bed
74 Flora Comes to Babysit
75 Loon Goes Far Away
76 Loon Gets Stuck Humf and Loon were playing dressing up. Loon wore her swimming ring and her mum even blew it up for her. They had lots of fun but needed help when Loon got stuck under the bed!
77 Uncle Hairy's Magic
78 Wallace Gets Very Cross

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