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Grapplers Quest

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Title: Grapplers Quest  
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Subject: Diego Sanchez, Grappling, Cradle (wrestling), Small joint manipulation, Grappling hold
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Grapplers Quest

Grapplers Quest
Industry Submission wrestling, Grappling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament Promotion
Founded 1998
Founder Brian Cimins
Headquarters Wayne, NJ, United States

Grapplers Quest is an organization mainly concerned with the promotion of Grappling (submission wrestling) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Founded in 1998 by Brian Cimins, Grapplers Quest currently hosts competitions of various division, age, and weight classes.[1][2]

Grapplers Quest has been host to many high-level competitors in mixed martial arts, such as Matt Hughes, Frankie Edgar, Ben Henderson, Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, BJ Penn, Brandon Vera, and many others.[3][4]


Grapplers Quest, as part of The Grapplers Company, Inc. was originally founded by Brian Cimins for his Senior Marketing and Public Relations Thesis at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in 1996. The first Grapplers Quest was held on April 24, 1999 at Montclair High School in Montclair, New Jersey.

The organization itself has also branched out to form partnerships with the [2][5][6]

On September 26, 2014, Grapplers Quest postponed all remaining events scheduled for 2014 as part of a restructuring process.[7]


The following are a sample of the divisions used by Grapplers Quest divided into their respective weight brackets.[8]


6 years and under
(No-Gi and BJJ)
7-9 yrs. old
(No-Gi and BJJ)
10-12 yrs. old
(No-Gi and BJJ)
13-15 yrs. old
(No-Gi and BJJ)
16-17 yrs. old
(No-Gi and BJJ)
Lightweight 49.9 lbs. & under 59.9 lbs. & under 79.9 lbs. & under 99.9 lbs. & under 119.9 lbs. & under
Middleweight 50-59.9 lbs. 60-69.9 lbs. 80-89.9 lbs. 100-114.9 lbs. 120-134.9 lbs.
Cruiserweight 60-69.9 lbs. 70-79.9 lbs. 90-99.9 lbs. 115-129.9 lbs. 135-149.9 lbs.
Heavyweight 70 lbs. & over 80 lbs. & over 100 lbs. & over 130 lbs. & over 150-169.9 lbs.
Superweight N/A N/A N/A N/A 170 lbs. & over


(12 months training or Less)
(12 months training or more)
Class A 119.9 lbs. & under 119.9 lbs. & under 119.9 lbs. & under 119.9 lbs. & under N/A
Class B 120-139.9 lbs. 120-139.9 lbs. 120-139.9 lbs. 120-139.9 lbs. N/A
Class C 140-159.9 lbs. 140-159.9 lbs. 140-159.9 lbs. 140-159.9 lbs. N/A
Class D 160 lbs. + 160 lbs. + 160 lbs. + 160 lbs. + N/A
Absolute Open Weight Open Weight N/A N/A Open Weight


Men's No-Gi
Weight class NOVICE
Less than 9 Months Training
No Wrestlers
9-18 Months Training
18-36 Months Training
36+ Months Training
Bantam 129.9 lbs. & below 129.9 lbs. & below 129.9 lbs. & below 129.9 lbs. & below
Flyweight 130-139 lbs. 130-139 lbs. 130-139 lbs. 130-139 lbs.
Feather 140-149 lbs. 140-149 lbs. 140-149 lbs. 140-149 lbs.
Light 150-159 lbs. 150-159 lbs. 150-159 lbs. 150-159 lbs.
Welter 160-169 lbs. 160-169 lbs. 160-169 lbs. 160-169 lbs.
Middle 170-179 lbs. 170-179 lbs. 170-179 lbs. 170-179 lbs.
Cruiser 180-189 lbs. 180-189 lbs. 180-189 lbs. 180-189 lbs.
Light-Heavy 190-199 lbs. 190-199 lbs. 190-199 lbs. 190-199 lbs.
Heavy 200-209 lbs. 200-209 lbs. 200-209 lbs. 200-209 lbs.
Super 210 lbs. + 210 lbs. + 210 lbs. + 210 lbs. +
Absolute Open Weight Open Weight Open Weight Open Weight



Example of No-Gi grappling competition

Grapplers Quest uses a scoring system similar to that used by the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. Unlike the ADCC however, there is a use of advantage points to determine the winner of a match rather than force a judges' decision. Also unlike the ADCC, Grapplers Quest restricts the use of certain leg lock techniques to particular divisions.[9][10]

The following is a list of the standard match times for each no-gi division.

Round time Divisions
4 Minutes Children/Teens, Women's Beginner, Men’s Novice & Men’s Beginner
5 Minutes Men’s Intermediate, Women's Intermediate & Men’s Executive & Masters
6 Minutes Men’s/Women’s Advanced

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Grapplers Quest uses a simplified version of the IBJJF scoring system for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches, though one which still retains the use of subjective advantage points. Similarly to the no-gi divisions, there is a restriction of certain leg lock techniques to differing divisions.[9][11]

Example of practitioners in Gi BJJ Competition

The following is a list of the standard match times for each Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu division.

Round time Divisions
4 Minutes Children & teens
5 Minutes White belts
6 Minutes Blue belts
7 Minutes Purple belts
8 Minutes Brown belt
10 Minutes Black belts


Overall Team Results 2011

The following are the team results from 2011 World Series of Grappling, presented by Grapplers Quest.[12]

Division 1st (Gold) 2nd (Silver) 3rd (Bronze)
Team Name Points Team Name Points Team Name Points
Overall Combined Team Carlson Gracie 270 Drysdale's JJ 122 Cobra Kai 92
Men's Overall Team Cobra Kai 81 Charles Gracoe 68 Drysdales JJ 61
Woman's Overall Team Paragon 25 Coachella Valley BJJ 24 Ralph Gracie 19
Teen's Overall Team Carlson Gracie 90 Sergio Penna 27 Drysdale's JJ 35
Children's Overall Team Carlson Gracie 127 Drysdale's JJ 36 Gracie Humaitá 34

Overall Team Results 2010

The following are the team results from 2010 World Series of Grappling, presented by Grapplers Quest and Revgear.[13]

Division 1st (Gold) 2nd (Silver) 3rd (Bronze)
Team Name Points Team Name Points Team Name Points
Overall Combined Team Team Lloyd Irvin 367 Team Jungle Gym 148 Renzo Gracie Combat Team 87
Men's Overall Team Team Lloyd Irvin 151 Renzo Gracie Combat Team 85 Team Jungle Gym 64
Woman's Overall Team Team Brasa Fifty, ECUBJJ,
Team Lloyd Irvin
24 Dave Trader BJJ 19 Team All Rules 16
Teen's Overall Team Team Lloyd Irvin 103 Alliance Jiu Jitsu 48 Team Jungle Gym 20
Children's Overall Team Team Lloyd Irvin 89 Team Jungle Gym 66 Team Pellegrino 50


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