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Governors of Kerala

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Title: Governors of Kerala  
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Subject: Official residence, R. L. Bhatia, Kerala, Raj Bhavan (Kerala), Kishori Sinha
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Governors of Kerala

Kerala is a state in southern India. Like all states, the Governor of Kerala is a constitutional head and representative of the President of India. He or she has similar powers and functions at the state level as that of the President at Union level. The Governor acts as the nominal head whereas the real power lies in the hand of the Chief Minister of the state and the Chief Minister's Council of Ministers. The Governor is appointed by the President for a term of 5 years. The current Governor of Kerala is [1] Shri Nikhil Kumar.

Governors of Kerala

# Name Took Office Left Office
1 Burgula Ramakrishna Rao 22 November 1956 1 July 1960
2 V. V. Giri 1 July 1960 2 April 1965
3 Ajith Prasad Jain 2 April 1965 6 February 1966
4 Bhagwan Sahay 6 February 1966 15 May 1967
5 V. Viswanathan 15 May 1967 1 April 1973
6 N. N. Wanchoo 1 April 1973 10 October 1977
7 Jothi Venkatachalam 14 October 1977 27 October 1982
8 P. Ramachandran 27 October 1982 23 February 1988
9 Ram Dulari Sinha 23 February 1988 12 February 1990
10 Swaroop Singh 12 February 1990 20 December 1990
11 B. Rachaiah 20 December 1990 9 November 1994
12 P. Shiv Shankar 12 November 1995 1 May 1996
13 Khurshid Alam Khan 5 May 1996 25 January 1997
14 Sukhdev Singh Kang 25 January 1997 18 April 2002
15 Sikander Bakht 18 April 2002 23 February 2004
16 T. N. Chaturvedi 25 February 2004 23 June 2004
17 R. L. Bhatia 23 June 2004 10 July 2008
18 R. S. Gavai 11 July 2008 7 September 2011
19 M. O. H. Farook 8 September 2011 26 January 2012
20 Hansraj Bhardwaj (additional charge after death of M.O.H Farook) 26 January 2012 22 March 2013
21 Nikhil Kumar 23 March 2013 Incumbent

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