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Governorates of Yemen

Governorates of Yemen
محافظات اليمن
Also known as:
Category Unitary state
Location Republic of Yemen
Number 21 governorates

(Governorates only):44,120 (Socotra) –

2,885,000 (Taiz)
Areas (Governorates only):49 square miles (130 km2) (Sana'a) - 38,300 square miles (99,000 km2) (Hadhramaut)
Government Governorance government, National government
Subdivisions District
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Yemen is divided into twenty-one governorates (muhafazah) and one municipality (amanah [أمانة]):

Division Arabic Capital city Area [1]
(2012) [2]
Former North Yemen (Yemen Arab Republic), until 1990
'Amran عمران 'Amran 9,587 967,634 2
Al Bayda البيضاء Al Bayda 11,193 660,105 5
Al Hudaydah الحديدة Al Hudaydah 17,509 2,687,674 6
Al Jawf الجوف Al Hazm 30,620 534,408 7
Al Mahwit المحويت Al Mahwit 2,858 599,340 9
Amanat Al Asimah أمانة العاصمة Sana'a 126 2,575,347 10
Dhamar ذمار Dhamar 9,495 1,645,436 11
Hajjah حجة Hajjah 10,141 1,811,394 13
Ibb إب Ibb 6,484 2,505,816 14
Ma'rib مأرب Ma'rib 20,023 291,403 16
Raymah ريمة Raymah 2,442 483,196 17
Sa'dah صعدة Sa'dah 15,022 887,482 18
Sana'a صنعاء Sana'a 15,052 1,042,468 19
Taiz تعز Taiz 12,605 2,817,696 21
Former South Yemen (People's Democratic Republic of Yemen), until 1990
Aden عدن Aden 1,114 589,419 1
Abyan أبين Zinjibar 21,939 764,342 3
Dhale الضالع Dhale 4,786 597,936 4
Al Mahrah المهرة Al Ghaydah 82,405 122,453 8
Hadramaut حضرموت Al Mukalla 191,737 1,263,754 12
Socotra محافظة أرخبيل سقطرى Hadibu ...1) ...1) 22
Lahij لحج Lahij 15,210 865,791 15
Shabwah شبوة Ataq 47,728 546,467 20
Yemen اليَمَن Sana'a 528,076 24,259,561 TOTAL

1) Soqatra Governorate created in December 2013 from parts of Hadramaut, data included there

The governorates are subdivided into 333 districts (muderiah), which are subdivided into 2,210 sub-districts, and then into 38,284 villages (as of 2001).

Before 1990, Yemen existed as two separate entities. For more information, see Historic Governorates of Yemen.

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