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Fuji News Network

Fuji News Network (FNN) is a commercial television news network in Japan. The network is run by Fuji Television Network, Inc..


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Fuji News Network stations

Station abbreviation Station Call sign Broadcast area (Prefectures) LCN
CX Fuji TV / フジテレビ JOCX-DTV Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, and Tochigi 8
KTV Kansai TV / 関西テレビ JODX-DTV Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, and Wakayama 8
THK Tokai TV / 東海テレビ JOFX-DTV Aichi, Gifu, and Mie 1
AKT Akita TV / 秋田テレビ JOBI-DTV Akita 8
EBC TV Ehime / テレビ愛媛 JOEI-DTV Ehime 8
FTB Fukui TV / 福井テレビ JOFI-DTV Fukui 8
TNC TV Nishinippon / テレビ西日本 JOJY-DTV Fukuoka 8
FTV Fukushima TV / 福島テレビ JOPX-DTV Fukushima 8
TSS TV Shinhiroshima / テレビ新広島 JORM-DTV Hiroshima 8
uhb Hokkaidō Bunka Hōsō / 北海道文化放送 JOBM-DTV Hokkaidō 8
ITC Ishikawa TV / 石川テレビ JOIH-DTV Ishikawa 8
mit Iwate Menkoi TV / 岩手めんこいテレビ JOYH-DTV Iwate 8
OHK Okayama Hoso / 岡山放送 JOOH-DTV Kagawa and Okayama 8
KTS Kagoshima TV / 鹿児島テレビ JOKH-DTV Kagoshima 8
KSS 8 Kochi Sun Sun TV / 高知さんさんテレビ JOQX-DTV Kochi 8
TKU TV Kumamoto / テレビ熊本 JOZH-DTV Kumamoto 8
OX Sendai Hoso / 仙台放送 JOOX-DTV Miyagi 8
UMK TV Miyazaki / テレビ宮崎 JODI-DTV Miyazaki 3 (ANN,NNN)
NBS 8 Nagano Hoso / 長野放送 JOLH-DTV Nagano 8
KTN TV Nagasaki / テレビ長崎 JOWH-DTV Nagasaki 8
NST Niigata Sogo TV / 新潟総合テレビ JONH-DTV Niigata 8
TOS TV Oita / テレビ大分 JOOI-DTV Oita 4 (NNN)
OTV Okinawa TV / 沖縄テレビ JOOF-DTV Okinawa 8
sts Saga TV / サガテレビ JOSH-DTV Saga 3
TSK San-in Chuuou TV / 山陰中央テレビ JOMI-DTV Shimane and Tottori 8
SUT TV Shizuoka / テレビ静岡 JOQH-DTV Shizuoka 8
BBT Toyama TV / 富山テレビ JOTH-DTV Toyama 8
SAY Sakuranbo TV / さくらんぼテレビ JOCY-DTV Yamagata 8
-- No affiliates -- Aomori, Tokushima, Yamaguchi and Yamanashi Aomori: mit, AKT (later by ATV of rival JNN)
Tokushima: KSS
Yamaguchi: TSK, TNC
Yamanashi: CX
BS08 BS Fuji -- Japanese whole area (Broadcasting Satellite) XX

Former stations

Station abbreviation Station Call sign Reason of network change CH. No. at time of switch
YTS Yamagata TV / 株式会社山形テレビ JOYI-TV Was affiliated to FNN from April 1, 1970 (when it launched) to March 31, 1993. Now affiliated to TV Asahi/ANN, as part of an Asahi Shimbun decision to change all their network affiliates to TV Asahi, just like what they did in Osaka with ABC in 1975. Fuji TV programming moved to SAY, which was only established in 1997. 38
FCT Fukushima Central TV / 福島中央テレビ JOVI-TV FNN's shortest-lived affiliate, from its founding on April 1, 1970 up until September 30th, 1971. FCT had close ties with the Yomiuri Shimbun, owner of various TV stations affiliated to NNN/NNS, including Yomiuri Television. FNN programming is now on Fukushima TV. 33
HTV Hiroshima TV / 広島テレビ放送 JONX-TV When it started broadcasting in 1962, it was a dual affiliate of Nippon TV and Fuji TV. Fuji TV programming moved to TSS in 1975. 12
NKT Nihonkai TV / 日本海テレビジョン放送 JOJX-TV Established in 1959, now solely affiliated to NNN/NNS owing to a network change in the area. 1
STV Sapporo TV / 札幌テレビ JOKX-DTV Secondary affiliate until Launch of UHB in 1972, Now affiliated with NNN. 5

◆ = former primary affiliate

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