Fashion tv

Not to be confused with Fashion Television (TV channel).
FashionTV logo
Launched April, 1997
Owned by Michel Adam Lisowski
Picture format 16:9 (576i, SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audience share 0.0% (UK) (Feb 2008, [1])
Slogan I Love Fashion TV
Country France
Language English
Broadcast area Worldwide
Headquarters Paris, London and Vienna
Cyfra+ Channel 63
Tata Sky (India) Channel 211
DStv (South Africa) Channel 184
Digiturk (Turkey) Channel 130
Sky Italia (Italy) Channel 491 (FashionTV)
Channel 941 (F Men)
Dolce (Romania) Channel 402
Indovision (Indonesia) Channel 243
Dish TV (India) Channel 426
DStv (South Africa) Channel 184
Directv (Latin America) Channel 224
DishHD (Taiwan) Channel 6245
yes (Israel) Channel 67
OTE TV (Greece) Channel 620
Reliance Digital TV Channel 257
Sun Direct Channel 462
Videocon d2h Channel 621
Cignal Digital TV (Philippines) Channel 124 (HD)
Dialog TV
(Sri Lanka)
Channel 80
SkyCable (Philippines) Channel 108 (SD Digital)
Channel 204 (HD)
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel 443
UPC Ireland Channel 502
KDG (Germany) Channel 215
RCS&RDS (Romania) Channel 56
UPC Romania Channel 56 (Digital With DVR)
Channel 36 (Digital)
TV Cabo (Portugal) Channel 73
First Media (Indonesia) Channel 81
Cable TV Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Channel 33 (SD)
Channel 233 (HD)
Cablelink (Philippines) Channel 62
Cable Star Iloilo (Philippines) Channel 99
Ziggo (the Netherlands) Channel 124
Cablecom (Switzerland) Channel 169 (CH-D)
Parasat Cable TV (Philippines) Channel 88
Serbia Broadband (Serbia) Channel 252
UPC Poland Channel 120
HOT (Israel) Channel 122 (SD), Channel 521 (HD)
UPC Netherlands Channel 68 (HD only)
Destiny Cable (Philippines) Channel TBA
Kplus (Vietnam) Channel 32
Orange TV (France) Channel 102
Freebox TV (France) Channel 125
Neuf TV (France) Channel 180
Alice TV (France) Channel 73
Now TV (Hong Kong) Channel 532
iNES (Romania) Channel ?
True IPTV (Thailand) Channel 14
UniFi (Malaysia) Channel 623 (HD)
FetchTV (Australia) Channel ?
mio TV (Singapore) Channel 271(Fashion TV HD)
Channel 272(Fashion TV on Demand)
PEO TV (Sri Lanka) Channel 78
Streaming media
VDC Channel 301

FashionTV is an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel. Founded in France in 1997 by its Polish-born president Michel Adam Lisowski, FashionTV is the only 24/7 international TV network exclusively dedicated to fashion, beauty, glamour and style and has become one of the most widely distributed satellite channels in the world: 31 satellite and 2,000 cable systems, with a total of 500 million households in 193 countries across the five continents.

Today, FashionTV is a multi-media platform offering the most comprehensive and fastest review of global fashion and is independently owned and operated from the headquarters in Paris, London and Vienna.

Other Regions

South Africa

In South Africa, FashionTV is available on DStv, channel 184 and on the newly launched TopTV.


In Australia, the channel was available on the Foxtel Digital Subscription Television and Austar channel 123 and the MidnightHot programme was sometimes seen on channel 955. As of February 26, 2012, Foxtel and Austar no longer offer FashionTV,[1] however it will still be offered by IPTV service FetchTV.[2] It was originally reported that dropping the channel was due to it being liquidated, but the original franchisee (FTV Oceania Pty. Ltd) was liquidated in July 2011 and FashionTV International took back control of all the activities in Australia then, so the reason the channel was dropped from Foxtel and Austar is unknown.[3]


In Asia, the channel is seen live via satellite, free-to-air on AsiaSat 3s. It is seen all over Asia in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Sri lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Mongolia.


In China, the channel is distributed online via Koolanoo Group who own the Internet rights exclusively for the region. It is broadcast on multiple online channels pplive,, and various others via the Koolanoo Group (


In Belgium the channel is available on Belgacom TV, Telenet and VOO.


Released with August 6, 2007, Fashion TV Brasil by Turner Broadcasting, in 2011 the company terminated the contract with its owner, giving rise to Glitz*.[4] The company BoxBrazil TV relaunched the channel in the country in September 2012[5] in the operators Sim TV, TVN and ViaCabo.[6]

Czech Republic & Slovakia



In Italy, FashionTV is available on SKY Italia channel 489.


In Israel, FashionTV (ערוץ האפנה) is available on HOT channel 96 and on yes channel 67.

The Arab World

FashionTV Arabia is broadcasting free-to-air, from satellites located at 7.0°W, and on Eurobird 2.

FashionTV Europe is also available for the Arab World broadcasting via satellite, free-to-air on HOT BIRD at 13° East and pay-TV networks such as Orbit Showtime. FashionTV and FashionTV HD are also available on E-Vision Cable TV & Multimedia platform in the United Arab Emirates.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, FashionTV is available on SKY Network Television channel 066. In November 2004, FashionTV was dropped from SKY Network Television due to a dispute over FashionTV wanting subscriber revenue.[7] This dispute was settled in early 2005, with the channel relaunching on April 18.[8] On May 11, 2011, FashionTV was once again dropped from Sky.[9]

North America

It is now available on wireless television providers MobiTV and Sprint TV; However, FashionTV is not available on any cable or satellite television service in North America as of August 2011. It has also been removed from FTA (Free To Air) as of September 2011. FashionTV can be watched live in North America only on their website:


FTV launched in Pakistan with a partnership with the ARY group.


In Portugal, FashionTV is available on AR Telecom, Bragatel (channel 45), Meo (channel 101), TVTel (channel 54) and ZON TVCabo (channel 73).


In the Philippines, the channel has been available on SkyCable on Channel 108, Cablelink Channel 62 since January 28, 2008, and selected cable affiliate in the Philippines. Some selected cities and provinces they used two feeds both FashionTV Asia over AsiaSat 3 and FashionTV India & SE Asia over Thaicom 5 feeds including FashionTV HD which already air soon. FashionTV was formerly carried by Destiny Cable And Cignal Digital TV which has since replaced it with another fashion channel.


Qatari viewers are only able to watch the channel via an Orbit Showtime subscription. FashionTV's future in Qatar is questionable, as in 2007, certain conservative religious authorities in the country have condemned it due to the sometimes nude content. Since it is only available via a satellite subscription, however, their movement seems to have lost momentum.

Serbia / Southeastern Europe

Serbian version of FashionTV called FashionTV SEE (FashionTV South East Europe) was launched on 24 November 2008. It is also broadcast in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia via their local cable TV providers and DTH platforms. 30% of production is made by local production.

United Kingdom

British viewers were able to watch the channel via Sky until November 18, 2004. The channel had been carrying trailers warning that it would soon be available in the UK as a standalone subscription channel. The channel returned to its original Sky channel in April 2005 as part of Sky's Basic subscription package, apparently having dropped its original plans. Beginning in the autumn of 2005 the channel added several minutes of British commercials per hour on its UK service, apparently sold through Sky, in addition to its two international ad breaks per hour. The channel was FTA on Sky's EPG on channel number 261, in the Lifestyle and Culture block, until it was removed on 2 July 2010.

United States

As of September 2011, FashionTV is not available on any Satellite, FTA (Free to Air) or Cable Carrier. It can only be accessed in the USA through FashionTV's website:


FashionTV Thailand was recent broadcasting free-to-air from THAICOM 5 at 78.5°east. The same satellite where FashionTV India was located in same signal and broadcast. However the channel was immediately off the air. Thailand viewers can still watch in the presence both FashionTV Asia and India Feed. This channel is currently available in True IPTV in Thailand.


FashionTV is available on Digiturk Channel 110 (HD Channel 394).

Defunct channels

Latin America

Main article: Glitz* (TV channel)

FashionTV started their Latin American version, FashionTV Latin America, FashionTV Brasil, in late 2001, in association with Claxson, and in late 2006 it was acquired by Time Warner-owned Turner Broadcasting. The Latin American version was their oldest overseas channel. These channels aired a significant amount of original programming, as well as acquired programming such as The Fashion Show, Running in Heels and Iconoclasts. After the license agreement to use the "FashionTV" brand ended, the channel was replaced on May 1, 2011, with Glitz*,[10] which retained most of the FTVLA/FTVBR programming. The company BoxBrazil TV relaunched the Fashion TV Brasil in Brazil in September 2012.[5]

Other FashionTV Channels

F MEN: FashionTV Men's Channel

Note: This channel is a men's fashion channel.
FashionTV has another second channel in its FashionTV family called F MEN, formerly a 30-minute block of FashionTV itself. F Men is now a 24-hour men's fashion channel dedicated to men's fashion designers, runway collections, male models and lifestyle. Segments feature international Fashion Weeks, Swimwear, Lingerie, Designers, First Faces and Backstage Passes. The F MEN channel is available via satellite in Europe and North Africa on HOT BIRD 3 (now HOT BIRD 8) as well as in Asia. In Asian it was seen via satellite on AsiaSat 3, followed two years later by THAICOM 3 (But now THAICOM 5) and it was moved and better signal and satellite to PanAmSat PAS 8 (Now Intelsat 8) (There are two frequencies in one satellite in PAS 8 before, but only one frequency remaining. However the second frequency left on January 1, 2008.). Presently F MEN is previously available in Asia, Australia, Pacific Region, and America after the successful launching in Europe. Also the channel was seen in India and Russia via satellite ABS 1 (Currently returning this satellite before then left again the signal). In Asia F MEN is previously available in Hong Kong in Cable TV Hong Kong. F.Diamond Club members may also watch a broadband Internet version of the live F Men programs for a small monthly fee. And other satellite feed are: Eutelsat W5, Eutelsat W2 and Intelsat 805 are both free to air signals before but immediately scrapped.

FashionTV HD

FashionTV HD
Logo of the Fashion TV HD.
Launched October, 2008
Language English
Dish Network (United States) no longer available to Dish Network
DishHD Asia (Taiwan) Channel 375
Digiturk (Turkey) Channel 394
Cignal Digital TV (Philippines) Channel 124 (HD)
UPC Poland Channel 121
Cable TV Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Channel 233 (HD)
SkyCable (Philippines) Channel 204 (HD)
UniFi (Malaysia) Channel 143

In October 2008 FashionTV launched a new channel entirely in HD. FashionTV HD delivers an outstanding picture and sound quality, with richer and more natural colors. FashionTV HD presents new programs on lifestyle, top designers and exclusive fashion from all over the world. FashionTV HD broadcasts 24 hours and 7 days a week in true HD which enhances the famous look & feel of FashionTV. Michel Adam, President of FashionTV, said that “After many years of preparation, we are very happy to launch FashionTV in High Definition. As the market demand for HD is growing, FashionTV is the first to launch a global fashion and lifestyle channel and this will strengthen our position as a key media player around the globe". FashionTV HD can be received in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa via Asiasat 2, EuroBird 9, and Galaxy 19 satellites.

FashionTV relaunched its official website in 2005, broadcasting FashionTV and F.MEN live, thematic channels and a Video on Demand service to its F.Diamond Club (f.Club) members for a monthly fee.


In September 2009, FashionTV expanded its business to mobile phones by creating mobile portal called “” available worldwide on . Visitors of are able to read articles, but also to purchase and download multimedia content, including videos and photos. Content offered on can be downloaded on mobile phone directly from and it’s supported in more than 50 countries via preferred mobile operators.


In 2007 FashionTV bought a cruise liner, named f.diamond, on which fashion shows, parties and events are hosted. Initially rumored to be a temporary 'stunt', renting a ship to boost ratings, these were quickly refuted after massive alterations to the ship's interior had been made. Currently many of the cruise liner's VIP events are also strongly featured in FashionTV's broadcasts.

On January 28, 2009, due to a lack of security crew and permissions, the ship was blocked by the Capitaneria (Civil Navy Police) in Genoa, Italy.


Its primary competitors are Runway TV, Bravo, Fashion One, Style Network, but also Paris Première.


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