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European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

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Title: European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety  
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European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

The Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy is the member of the European Commission. The current post of Commissioner is held by Vytenis Andriukaitis (Lithuania). [1]. The portfolio is responsible for matters of public health, food safety, animal health, welfare and consumer affairs.


Markos Kyprianou was appointed to the Barroso Commission as European Commissioner for Health & Consumer Protection; however, with the accession of Bulgaria on 1 January 2007, the Consumer Protect portfolio was split off and given to Meglena Kuneva (See: European Commissioner for Consumer Protection). The post's Directorate-General is still merged with that office.

One policy is the promotion of warnings on tobacco packets, with the Commission moving towards pictorial warnings.[1] Following several European Union member states enacting bans on smoking in public places Kyprianou proposed a plan for an EU-wide ban of that kind.[2]

In May 2007, Kyprianou released a paper to tackle the shortage of [3] After Kyprianou was appointed Foreign Minister of Cyprus, he was replaced by Androulla Vasiliou on 3 March 2008.

List of commissioners

Name Country Period Commission
1 Richard Burke  Ireland 1977–1981 Jenkins Commission
2 Karl-Heinz Narjes  West Germany 1981–1985 Thorn Commission
3 Stanley Clinton Davis  United Kingdom 1985–1988 Delors Commission I
4 Grigoris Varfis  Greece 1985–1989 Delors Commission I
5 Karel Van Miert  Belgium 1989–1992 Delors Commission II
6 Christiane Scrivener  France 1992–1994 Delors Commission II
7 Emma Bonino  Italy 1995–1999 Santer Commission
8 David Byrne  Ireland 1999–2004 Prodi Commission
9 Pavel Telička  Czech Republic 2004 Prodi Commission (Parallel to Byrne)
10 Markos Kyprianou  Cyprus 2004–2010 Barroso Commission I (Health only)
11 Meglena Kuneva  Bulgaria 2007–2010 Barroso Commission I (Consumer protection only)
12 John Dalli  Malta 2010–16 October 2012 Barroso Commission II
13 Maroš Šefčovič  Slovakia 2012 Barroso Commission II (Acting)
14 Tonio Borg  Malta 2012–2014 Barroso Commission II (Health only from 2013)
15 Neven Mimica  Croatia 2013–2014 Barroso Commission II (Consumer protection only)
16 Vytenis Andriukaitis  Lithuania 2014–present Juncker Commission

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  1. ^ Commissioner Kyprianou urges EU governments to use pictorial warnings on tobacco packets
  2. ^ Commission wants EU-wide smoking ban in public places 30 January 2007
  3. ^ Brussels to push for EU-wide organ donor card 20 May 2007

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