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Edgar Allan Poe

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Title: Edgar Allan Poe  
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Subject: The Masque of the Red Death, The Pit and the Pendulum, List of science fiction novels, List of years in literature, The Raven in popular culture
Collection: 1809 Births, 1849 Deaths, 19Th-Century American Novelists, 19Th-Century American Poets, American Detective Writers, American Horror Writers, American Male Novelists, American Male Poets, American Male Short Story Writers, American Male Writers, American Mystery Writers, American People of English Descent, American People of Scotch-Irish Descent, American Science Fiction Writers, American Short Story Writers, Burials at Westminster Hall and Burying Ground, Edgar Allan Poe, Hall of Fame for Great Americans Inductees, People from Baltimore, Maryland, People from Charlottesville, Virginia, People from Greenwich Village, People from Richmond, Virginia, People from the Bronx, Recreational Cryptographers, Romantic Poets, United States Army Soldiers, United States Military Academy Alumni, University of Virginia Alumni, Writers from Baltimore, Maryland, Writers from Boston, Massachusetts, Writers from Maryland, Writers from New York, Writers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Writers from Virginia, Writers of American Southern Literature
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Edgar Allan Poe

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