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Dubai International City

International City, Dubai
Dubai International City
Flag of International City, Dubai
Nickname(s): IC; IC Phase 1; Warsan 1; IC Dubai
International City, Dubai
International City, Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates
Emirate Dubai
City Dubai
Incorporated July 10, 2004 (2004-07-10)
Founded by Nakheel Properties
 • Total 8.2 km2 (3.16 sq mi)
 • Land 8.0 km2 (3.08 sq mi)
 • Water 0.2 km2 (0.8 sq mi)
Population (Jan. 2010)
 • Total 120,000
 • Rank 117
 • Density 15,000/km2 (40,000/sq mi)
Time zone AST (UTC+4)
 • Summer (DST) AST (UTC+4)
Phone Code +971 and 4
FIPS code (AE)10-4

Dubai International city is a country-themed architecture of residences, business, and tourist attractions. Spreading over an area of 800 hectares (8 million square meters), the arrangement of the city is inspired by the traditional carpets of Middle East. Once completed, the project will contain studio and one bedroom apartments and accommodate over 12,000 residents.

Dubai International City is located in the Al Warsan region of Dubai, opposite to the Dubai Central Fruit and Vegetable Market.

It is composed of 485 buildings embraces the residential districts of Central Business District (CBD), Persia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, England, France, Italy, Russia, China and Emirates. Apart from these districts that were initially planned for Dubai International City namely Lake District and Forbidden City are now on put on hold due to the effects of the Global Financial Recession. Attractions in the city includes the Dragon Mart, which is the worlds biggest machinery and equipment market.


  • Projects 1
    • Residential districts 1.1
    • The Central District 1.2
    • The Forbidden City 1.3
    • The Lake District 1.4
    • Dragon Mart 1.5
  • Issues 2
    • Sewage plant proximity 2.1
    • Traffic 2.2
    • Law and order 2.3
  • Travel 3
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Residential districts

The Residential District of Dubai international city is expected to have numerous country specific and themed residential developments and retail outlets.

The plans include ten country-specific districts:

  • China District at one end of the residential district.
  • England Precinct, mirroring traditional London architecture.
  • France District featuring two-, three- and four-storey residential blocks characterized by long French windows, red and gray bricks, and pilasters or half-columns.
  • Persia District, situated in the heart of the residential district.
  • Greece District, at the edge of the residential district.
  • Russia District
  • Spain District. Its three-and four-storey buildings are designed according to traditional stucco exterior finish.
  • Morocco District. The precinct’s three- and four-storey residential buildings are decorated with green tiles, natural terra-cottas, stucco walls and wide-arched windows.
  • Italy District. Two- to four-storey residential blocks.
  • Emirates District. The 10th precinct in the Residential District lies at the northeast end.

The Central District

CBD Cluster in Dubai International City

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden city will encompass an area of 240,000 square metres with parking facilities for 2,000 cars, the city is the replica of Forbidden City of Beijing, China.

The Lake District

Al Warsan Lake

The Lake District surrounds the Al Warsan Lake. The lake is off limits to public.

Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart Aerial View

DragonMart provides a gateway for the supply of Chinese products in the Middle Eastern and North African Markets, offering Chinese traders and manufacturers a platform from which to cater to the needs of this market.

Work has started on a second mart right next to Dragon Mart that will have 175,000 square metres of space and 4,500 parking spaces. The project is slated for completion in 2014. [1]


The Sewage Treatment Plant next to International City
Sewage flood such as this are a common occurrence

Nakheel's International City Development has been questioned by news articles with controversies and issues. These articles claim International City has struggled with a poor reputation and negative press reports stemming from various issues including problems with its own sewage systems and the nearby sewage facility, access to the site, and a perceived lack of amenities. A follow-up poll from Emirates 24-7 revealed that a huge percentage – 91 percent – of readers showed “a marked aversion to investing in International City units.” A considerable 67 percent said they “would not touch the place.” [2]

Sewage plant proximity

Due to its proximity to the Sewage Treatment Plant, and constant overflow, certain clusters like Morocco, Emirates & China are subjected to the odor of sewage when the wind direction changes at night.

There is however no stench after the installation of the new Jebel Ali based sewage pumping station which reduced the traffic to the Sewage Pumping Station [3]


Entering and exiting the city during rush hour can require you to spend 10-20 minutes gridlocked. There is one major entry and one major exit to the city. [4]

Law and order

While Nakheel's noble intentions were to make low and medium cost housing available to the masses (who were suffering due to the real-estate boom up until mid 2008 and before the GFC) by providing medium and low income earners with legal and decent housing instead of resorting to illegitimate Villa Sharing, Dubai was badly hit by the Global Financial Crisis. This led to an instant devaluation or rentals by 75% - 80% of its value in 2008. Due to this sudden drop in prices, even the extremely lowest income group (laborers, truck drivers, taxi drivers) identified this area as a potential upgrade to their existing Labor camps. [5] Coupled with Nakheel's financial downfall, controls and checks over the city's security, compliance to regulations and maintenance of infrastructure were dropped beginning in January 2009 by the developer who used to control and maintain this earlier. [6]


The community is serviced by the RTA bus service. Bus routes:

You may plan and time your journey using the RTA Website RTA Wojhati Route Planner or inquire about your route/bus/connectivity at the RTA Call Center 800 9090.

===Medical Facilities=== The hospitals are closely located, with Rashid Hospital around 15 minutes driving distance from the Location. However, there are Polyclinics such as Apple Clinic, located in France Cluster [P 03] and Apple International Polyclinic, located in Greece Cluster [K 14] offering Primary care facilities.

Recent regulations implemented by the Municipality of Dubai, will greatly address the prevalence of Shisha [Arabic Tobacco] parlors housed in many buildings.

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