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De Viris Illustribus (Jerome)

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Title: De Viris Illustribus (Jerome)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Jerome, Flavia (gens), Ebionites, Marcus Minucius Felix, Gennadius of Massilia
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De Viris Illustribus (Jerome)


De Viris Illustribus (On Illustrious Men) is a collection of short biographies of 135 authors, written in Latin, by the 4th-century Latin Church Father Jerome. He completed this work at Bethlehem in 392-3 CE.[1] The work consists of a prologue plus 135 chapters, each consisting of a brief biography. Jerome himself is the subject of the final chapter. A Greek version of the book, possibly by the same Sophronius who is the subject of Chapter 134, also survives. Many biographies take as their subject figures important in Christian Church history and pay especial attention to their careers as writers. It "was written as an apologetic work to prove that the Church had produced learned men."[2] The book was dedicated to Flavius Dexter, who served as high chamberlain to Theodosius I and as praetorian prefect to Honorius. Dexter was the son of Saint Pacianus, who is eulogized in the work.[3]


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  • Jerome's account of his own literary career 2
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Listed below are the subjects of Jerome's 135 biographies. The numbers given are the chapter numbers found in editions.

Jerome's account of his own literary career

At the conclusion of De Viris Illustribus, Jerome provided his own biography as the latest example of the scholarly work of Christians. In Chapter 135, Jerome summarized his career to date:


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  • De Viris Illustribus (On Illustrious Men) -Full English version-
  • The Catholic Encyclopedia, Published 1910 in New York by Robert Appleton Company.
  • This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the public domain.

Other text and translations

  • : Latin textDe Viris IllustribusJerome's (includes an informative introduction, in Latin)
  • : Greek versionDe Viris IllustribusJerome's

External links

  • Jerome's De Viris Illustribus of Matthew, Mark, Luke
  • Catholic Encyclopedia: Gennadius of Marseilles (continuator of Jerome's De viris illustribus)
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