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Christianity in Odisha

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Title: Christianity in Odisha  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Odisha, Religious violence in Odisha
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Christianity in Odisha

Followers of Christianity are a small minority in Orissa state of India. According to the 2001 Census, Christians make up about 2.44% of the population (about 898,000 people).[1]

Church of God (Anderson), Council of Baptist Churches in Northern India and Evangelical Missionary Society in Mayurbhanj are among the Protestant denominations of Orissa.[2] Christ Church the full Gospel Church, Gospel Outreach Ministries, India Evangelistic Association, Orissa Baptist Evangelical Crusade and The Pentecostal Mission are among the non-Catholic denominations of Orissa as well.[3] [4] The Church of North India is present in Orissa as well with the dioceses of Cuttack, Phulbani, and Sambalpur. The diocese of Chota Nagpur also serves a small part of Orissa.[5]

Oraon, Kharia and Munda people are notable ethnic groups with a significant Christian population.

Religious composition in Orissa according to the 2001 census[1]
Religion Persons %persons Males %males Females %females
Hindus 34,726,129 94.35% 17,615,951 94.40% 17,110,178 94.30%
Christians 897,861 2.44% 443,245 2.38% 454,616 2.51%
Muslims 761,985 2.07% 391,234 2.10% 370,751 2.04%
Sikhs 17,492 0.05% 9,448 0.05% 8,044 0.04%
Buddhists 9,863 0.03% 5,180 0.03% 4,683 0.03%
Jains 9,154 0.02% 4,736 0.03% 4,418 0.02%
Others 361,981 0.98% 180,156 0.97% 181,825 1.00%
Religion not stated 20,195 0.05% 10,620 0.06% 9,575 0.05%
Totals 36,804,660 18,660,570 18,144,090

Roman Catholic Church

The archbishop of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar is Dr. Raphael Cheenath. Its suffragan dioceses are:

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