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Chips Ahoy!

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Title: Chips Ahoy!  
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Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies

Chips Ahoy! is a brand of chocolate chip cookies, baked and marketed by Nabisco, a subsidiary of Mondelēz International, that debuted in 1963.[1] They are widely sold in the United States, Latin America (where its name in some countries changes to "Choco Chips"), South Africa, Canada, Spain, Portugal, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, United Kingdom and many more. The Blue Bag type is also sold in the Stockmann store chain in Latvia and are marketed in large packages of 9, 18, 27, or in various smaller packages. It is the second-best-selling cookie in the United States after Oreo,[1] also a Nabisco-branded cookie, with an average of $355 million in sales per year. By the 1980s, several different varieties of the cookie snack were being baked and shipped to grocery stores: chewy, sprinkled, and striped. In Indonesia, Chips Ahoy! was relaunched in September 2015 after a long time the product was discontinued in that country in early 2010s.


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Advertising campaigns

In the 1960s and early 1970s, Chips Ahoy bags featured comic strips of Cookie Man, a superhero character who subdued various cookie-devouring creatures, such as Fruit Fly or Big Wig. His alter-ego was Mort Meek, who was always seen "counting the 16 chips" in his Chips Ahoy cookie when he was attacked by one of the creatures, at which point he slipped into a phone booth, locker room, restroom, etc., to become Cookie Man and finish off the villain in a Clark KentSuperman vein. These characters were also the subject of Chips Ahoy's concurrent TV commercial campaign, and were both played by the same actor.

For a time in the mid-1990s, advertising labeled Chips Ahoy as being "1,000 chips delicious!" The acquired theme song for most of Chips Ahoy! commercials during its most popular time in the 1990s was a portion of the song "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Benny Goodman's jazz band in the 1930s. From 2002 to 2010, Chips Ahoy's mascots were the animated "Cookie Guys." In 2010, the Cookie Guys were replaced by a live-action campaign on the theme of "joy," in which it is demonstrated that the simple act of opening a bag of Chips Ahoy! brand cookies induces feelings of delight and exultation to the degree that one is affected with "happy feet" and begins dancing.[1] In 2014, Chips Ahoy made its appearance to the UK and Ireland in two flavors, Popcorn Candy Chip and Crispy Choco Caramel

The origin of the name

Nabisco says the name is "a reference to the nautical term, Ships Ahoy!". The words "Chips Ahoy!" also feature prominently in a story appearing in Chapter 15 of "The Uncommercial Traveller", by Charles Dickens.[2] Dickens relays a childhood tale of a shipwright, named Chips, who is taunted by a diabolical talking rat who predicts the sinking of Chips's ship: "Chips ahoy! Old boy! We've pretty well eat them too, and we'll drown the crew, and will eat them too!" There is also a 1956 American animated theatrical short titled Chips Ahoy.[3]


  • Reduced Fat Chips Ahoy!
  • Chips Ahoy! Chewy (Red Package; formerly known in Canada as Chewy Chips Ahoy! or Biscuits Tendres aux Pépites de chocolat de M. Christie)
  • Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Chocofudge (Red Package)
  • Chips Ahoy! American Summer (Blue Plaid Package)
  • Mini Chips Ahoy! (also available in Snack Packs)
  • Candy Blast Chips Ahoy! (These are known in Canada as “Rainbow Chips Ahoy!” Commercials featured Kevin, an animated character who gave the chocolate chips their color.)
  • Peanut Butter Chunky Chips Ahoy!
  • Chips Ahoy! With Reese's Cups (Nabisco is the licensee of Hershey's Chocolate, parent company of H. B. Reese, for this variety.)
  • Chunky Chips Ahoy! (known in Canada as Chunks Ahoy!)
  • White Fudge Chunky Chips Ahoy! (formerly known in Canada as Triple Chocolate Chunks Ahoy!)
  • White Fudge Chewy Chips Ahoy!
  • Chewy Chunks Ahoy!
  • Chew Chips Ahoy! Salty 'n Sweet: Salted Caramel Chunk
  • Chips Ahoy! Halloween (Black package)
  • Chips Ahoy! Holiday (White package)
  • Double Chocolate Chewy Chunks Ahoy!
  • Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Sandwiches (These are exclusive to Canada, and are used under Nestlé's license.)
  • Chips Ahoy Big & Soft Chocolate Chunk
  • Chips Ahoy Big & chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
  • Chips Ahoy! Oatmeal Chewy
  • Jell-O Chips Ahoy pudding
  • Oooey Gooey Warm and Chewy! Chips Ahoy! microwaveable snacks.
  • Pecan Chunks Ahoy
  • Almond Chunks Ahoy
  • Chips Ahoy! Orange and Chips Ahoy! Coffee Maxwell House (China only)
  • Limited Edition: Chunky Chunks Ahoy! with Dark Chunks!
  • Limited Edition: Orange and Banana flavoured Chips Ahoy! (Russia only)
  • Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations Dulce de Leche[4]
  • Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations Mocha Chunk
  • Chewy Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Chewy Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations Root Beer Float
  • Chewy Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled

Nabisco 100 Calorie Snacks:

  • Chips Ahoy Thin Crisps
  • Chips Ahoy Granola Bars


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External links

  • official website
  • official website of SnackWorks
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