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Chaplain of the United States Coast Guard


Chaplain of the United States Coast Guard

Chaplain of the
United States Coast Guard
CAPT Gregory N. Todd

since June 23, 2014
Formation 1983
First holder CAPT Eddie B. Moran
Website Official Website

The Chaplain of the United States Coast Guard (CHCG) is the senior chaplain of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and is attached to USCG Headquarters in Washington, D.C. as a United States Navy Chaplain Corps officer who reports directly to the Commandant of the Coast Guard. The current Chaplain of the Coast Guard is Captain Gregory N. Todd.[1]


The Chaplain of the Coast Guard serves as the Commandant's senior advisor on matters pertaining to chaplains and the free exercise of religion by USCG personnel. Chaplains provide religious ministry, advocate for and promote the well-being of USCG personnel, and serve as command liaison officers to civilian religious leaders, communities, organizations and agencies.

The USCG does not have its own chaplain corps. United States Navy and Public Health Service chaplains from the United States Navy Chaplain Corps are assigned to the USCG to serve in USCG units.[2] The USCG Chaplains Orientation Manual provides guidance for chaplains assigned to these duties.[3] Chaplains come from many different faiths and may be ordained or appointed as ministers, priests, imams, and rabbis.

U.S. Coast Guard Chaplains

Name Photo Term began Term ended
1. CAPT Eddie B. Moran 1983 1986
2. CAPT Richard A. Plishker 1986 1989
3. CAPT James G. Goode 1989 1992
4. CAPT Thomas K. Chadwick 1992 1995
5. CAPT Skip Blancett 1995 1998
6. CAPT Leroy Gilbert 1998 2002
7. CAPT Wilbur C. Douglass, III 2002 2006
8. CAPT William F. Cuddy, Jr. 2006 2010
9. CAPT Gary P. Weeden June 11, 2010 March 2014
10. CAPT Gregory N. Todd June 23, 2014 Incumbent

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