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Campeonato Brasileiro Série D


Campeonato Brasileiro Série D

Campeonato Brasileiro Série D
Country  Brazil
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 2009
Number of teams 40
Levels on pyramid 4
Promotion to Série C
Domestic cup(s) Copa do Brasil
Current champions Sampaio Corrêa
Most championships Guarany de Sobral (1)
São Raimundo-PA (1)
Tupi (1)
Sampaio Corrêa (1)
2013 Campeonato Brasileiro Série D

The Campeonato Brasileiro Série D is the fourth tier of the Brazilian football, and it was announced by Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) on April 9, 2008. Campeonato Brasileiro Série D was formed from the split of Série C, keeping its best 20 clubs and playing double round robin, like the top three tiers. Série D keeps the same format of the oldest Série C, but with participation limited to 40 clubs indicated by the state federations.[1]

Champions of Série D

The following table shows the winners and runners-up of the Série D tournaments played since 2009, according to the Brazilian Football Confederation:[2]

Year Winner Score Runner-up Comments
São Raimundo (PA)
2 - 3
2 - 1
Rio de Janeiro (state)
Macaé (RJ)
Guarany de Sobral (CE)
Rio de Janeiro (state)
Madureira (RJ)
Finalist América (AM) was declared guilty of fielding a suspended player in the Quarterfinals against Joinville.
Minas Gerais
Tupi (MG)
1 - 0
2 - 0
Santa Cruz (PE)
Sampaio Corrêa (MA)
1 - 1
2 - 0

Titles by team

Team State Winner Runner-up Years won Years runner-up
Guarany de Sobral  Ceará 1 0 2010
São Raimundo (PA)  Pará 1 0 2009
Tupi  Minas Gerais 1 0 2011
Sampaio Corrêa  Maranhão 1 0 2012
Macaé  Rio de Janeiro 0 1
Madureira  Rio de Janeiro 0 1
Santa Cruz  Pernambuco 0 1
CRAC  Goiás 0 1

Titles by state

State Winners Runners-Up Winning Clubs Runners-Up
 Ceará 1 0 Guarany de Sobral (1)
 Maranhão 1 0 Sampaio Corrêa (1)
 Minas Gerais 1 0 Tupi (1)
 Pará 1 0 São Raimundo-PA (1)
 Rio de Janeiro 0 2
Madureira (1); Macaé (1)
 Goiás 0 1
CRAC (1)
 Pernambuco 0 1
Santa Cruz (1)

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