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Title: Bill  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Bill may refer to:


  • Documents 1
  • Tools and weapons 2
  • Other objects called "bill" 3
  • Film and TV 4
  • Music 5
    • Albums 5.1
    • Songs 5.2
  • People 6
  • Places 7
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  • Banknote, paper money (especially in the US)
  • Handbill, Flyer (pamphlet), paper leaflet
  • Poster, form of advertising
  • Billboard, large board on which to display advertising posters or displays
  • Bill (law), a proposed law put before a legislature
  • Invoice, commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer
  • Bill of Indictment, a document accusing a defendant of a crime
  • Bill of lading, document issued by a carrier receiving goods for transport
  • Bill of materials, document listing the parts needed to make a product
  • Bill of quantities, tendering document detailing the quantities of materials needed to build a proposed construction
  • Operational bills, tendering document detailing the operations needed to build a proposed construction
  • Waybill, document describing a shipment
  • Menu or bill of fare
  • Utility bill, see invoice

Tools and weapons

Other objects called "bill"

  • Beak, an alternative name for a bird's, usually a duck's, beak
  • Peninsulas of land jutting out into the sea, such as "Portland Bill"
  • Police, with 'old bill' as a slang term in the UK
  • Rostrum, the "beak" or "sword" of a billfish (marlin, swordfish, etc.)
  • Visor or partial brim as a feature of a cap, sometimes called a "peaked cap"

Film and TV





This section includes only individuals whose last name is Bill, or whose only generally-known name is Bill.
  • Bill (surname)
  • Alfred H. Bill, American writer
  • Bill W. (Bill Wilson, 1895–1971), co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Buffalo Bill (Bill Cody, 1846–1917), American bison hunter and showman
  • Charles Bill (1843–1915), British Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) Leek 1892–1906
  • Bill (decedent), an unidentified young woman who died after partying in Michigan in 1976



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