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Title: Besturn  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Hongqi (marque), FAW-Volkswagen, Automotive industry in China, Haima Automobile, FAW Group
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Industry Automotive
Founded 2006
Headquarters Changchun, China
Products Automobiles
Parent FAW Car Company
Website (Chinese)

Besturn (Chinese: 一汽奔腾; pinyin: Yīqì Bēnténg) is an automotive marque owned by the Chinese automaker FAW Group.[1]

With products based on older Mazda sedans, Besturn targets upper middle-class Chinese consumers.[2] FAW, Besturn's owner, also manufactures the Chinese market version of the car many Besturn products are based on, the Mazda 6,[3] and Besturn models were initially produced in FAW's Mazda factories.[4]


The Besturn B70 made its debut in 2006.[5] It is based on an older Mazda 6[3] and uses the Ford CD3 platform.[6] The Besturn B50 was released in 2009[6] and is also derived from a Mazda 6.[3] As of 2011, future models include the Mazda 6-derived B90.[3]

A Besturn B50 
A Besturn B70 
A Besturn X80 


The 134,500 units sold in 2010 constituted a substantial increase over the 70,000 of the prior year.[7] Brand popularity for Besturn may have dipped between 2011-2012.[8]

Relationship with Hongqi

The products of another FAW brand, Hongqi, may be easily confused with Besturn cars. Until 2011 the two brands shared badging,[9] and in 2008, due to flagging sales, Hongqi showrooms were merged those of Besturn.[10] It was thought that giving the Hongqi brand more sales outlets would increase sales.[11]


Besturn cars are also sold in Russia and Iran as of 2014.[12]


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