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Battle of Erastfer

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Title: Battle of Erastfer  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Battle of Hummelshof, Battle of Grodno (1708), Battle of Desna, Battle of Koniecpol, Battle of Pälkäne
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Battle of Erastfer

Battle of Erastfer
Part of the Great Northern War
Date 29 December 1701 (O.S.)
30 December 1701 (Swedish calendar)
9 January 1702 (N.S.)
Location Erastfer, Swedish Livonia
(present-day Erastvere, Estonia)

Result Russian victory
Swedish Empire Tsardom of Russia
Commanders and leaders
Wolmar Anton von Schlippenbach Boris Sheremetev
2,200 men[1]
6 artillery pieces[1]
18,800 men[2]
20 artillery pieces[2]
Casualties and losses
600 killed and captured[3] 1,000 killed[2]

The battle of Erastfer (also Battle of Errestfer, Battle of Erastvere) took place on 29 December 1701 (O.S.) / 30 December 1701 (Swedish calendar) / 9 January / 1702 (N.S.) near Erastfer in eastern Swedish Livonia (present-day Erastvere in Estonia) between a Russian force of 18,800 men led by general Boris Sheremetev and a Swedish force of around 2,200 under the command of Wolmar Anton von Schlippenbach.[4]:688 The Swedes were defeated, with a loss of 600 men, 150–370 of them captured with all their artillery pieces lost.[3][2] The Russians sustained about 1,000 killed.[2] It was the first significant Russian victory in the Great Northern War. The Swedish commander Schlippenbach managed to escape from the battlefield with about 1,600 remaining Swedish soldiers.[5][3]

Before invading Ingria, Peter secures Poland's continued participation in the war against Sweden by promising King Augustus II of Poland, 20,000 Russian troops, 100,000 pounds of gunpowder, and 100,000 rubles per year over three years.[4]:688


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