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Attorney General of Brazil

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Title: Attorney General of Brazil  
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Subject: President of Brazil, Anti-discrimination laws in Brazil, Federal Senate, Foreign relations of Brazil, Judiciary of Brazil
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Attorney General of Brazil

Attorney General of Brazil
Advogado-Geral da União
Current minister Luis Inácio Adams
since: October 23, 2009[1]
Established 12 February 1993[2]
Command structure Presidency
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politics and government of
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The Attorney General,[1] or Solicitor General of the Union, (Portuguese: Advogado-Geral da União, AGU) is a cabinet-level position in the Brazilian government charged with advising the Executive Branch and representing the federal government of Brazil in legal proceedings.[2] The Attorney General is defined under Article 131 of the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 as one of the essential functions of Brazilian judicial administration, along with the roles performed by the judicial branch, the Prosecutor's office, the public defenders and private lawyers.[1][3][4] The current Attorney General is Luís Inácio Adams.[1]

The Attorney General is appointed by the President of Brazil and confirmed by the Senate. Under the 1988 constitution, the Attorney General must be at least 35 years old.[5] All Attorneys General within the Office must be bar members in Brazil. The Solicitor General of the Union is a member of the Brazilian cabinet, holds the rank of Minister, and is nominated by the President of the Republic and confirmed by the Senate.[1][5]

List of Attorneys General

Attorney General Period of service Appointed by
José de Castro Ferreira February 1993—May 1993 President Itamar Franco
Alexandre de Paula Dupeyrat Martins May 1993—June 1993
Tarcísio Carlos de Almeida Cunha June 1993—July 1993
Geraldo Magela da Cruz Quintão July 1993—December 1994
January 1995—January 2000 President Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Walter do Carmo Barletta January 2000
Gilmar Ferreira Mendes January 2000—June 2002
José Bonifácio Borges de Andrada June 2002—December 2002
Álvaro Augusto Ribeiro Costa January 2003—March 2007 President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
José Antônio Dias Toffoli March 2007—October 2009
Luis Inácio Lucena Adams October 2009—present[3]

Prosecutor General of Brazil

They prosecutorial duties of the office of the Attorney General were split off to a new Prosecutor General under Article 4 of Law No. 73 of February 10, 1993. The office of Prosecutor General is an autonomous agency in charge of criminal prosecution and the defense of society in general, versus the office of the Attorney General, which represents the federal government in legal proceedings.[6]

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  • (Portuguese) Official website of the Office of the Brazilian Attorney General of the Union

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