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Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 400 metres hurdles

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Title: Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 400 metres hurdles  
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Subject: Zimbabwe at the 1996 Summer Olympics, 1996 Summer Olympics, Zambia at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 10,000 metres
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Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 400 metres hurdles

Athletics at the
1996 Summer Olympics
Track events
100 m   men   women
200 m men women
400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men women
5000 m men women
10,000 m men women
100 m hurdles women
110 m hurdles men
400 m hurdles men women
3000 m
4×100 m relay men women
4×400 m relay men women
Road events
Marathon men women
10 km walk women
20 km walk men
50 km walk men
Field events
Long jump men women
Triple jump men women
High jump men women
Pole vault men
Shot put men women
Discus throw men women
Javelin throw men women
Hammer throw men
Combined events
Heptathlon women
Decathlon men
Wheelchair races

These are the official results of the Atlanta, Georgia. There were a total number of 55 competitors.



border|alt=|link=]] Derrick Adkins
United States (USA)
Silver  Samuel Matete
Zambia (ZAM)

border|alt=|link=]] Calvin Davis
United States (USA)


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in seconds) prior to the 1996 Summer Olympics.

World Record 46.78 Kevin Young Barcelona (ESP) August 6, 1992
Olympic Record 46.78 Kevin Young Barcelona (ESP) August 6, 1992



border|alt=|link=]] Derrick Adkins (USA) 47.54 6
 Samuel Matete (ZAM) 47.78 1

border|alt=|link=]] Calvin Davis (USA) 47.96 5
4.  Sven Nylander (SWE) 47.98 4
5.  Rohan Robinson (AUS) 48.30 8
6.  Fabrizio Mori (ITA) 48.41 7
7.  Everson Teixeira (BRA) 48.57 3
8.  Eronilde de Araujo (BRA) 48.78 2

Semi finals


border|alt=|link=]] Derrick Adkins (USA) 47.76 3
2.  Sven Nylander (SWE) 48.21 1
3.  Fabrizio Mori (ITA) 48.43 2
4.  Eronilde de Araujo (BRA) 48.45 6
5.  Dusan Kovacs (HUN) 48.57 8
6.  Ken Harnden (ZIM) 48.61 7
7.  Jon Ridgeon (GBR) 49.43 4

border|alt=|link=]] Bryan Bronson (USA) 50.32 5


border|alt=|link=]] Calvin Davis (USA) 47.91 3
2.  Everson Teixeira (BRA) 48.28 4
3.  Samuel Matete (ZAM) 48.28 6
4.  Rohan Robinson (AUS) 48.28 7
5.  Neil Gardner (JAM) 48.30 1
6.  Laurent Ottoz (ITA) 48.52 2
7.  Ibou Faye (SEN) 48.84 5
8.  Marc Dollendorf (BEL) 48.91 8


 Shunji Karube (JPN) 48.96
 Erick Keter (KEN) 49.03
 Kazuhiko Yamazaki (JPN) 49.07
 Carlos Silva (POR) 49.09
(JAM) 49.16
 Mubarak Faraj (QAT) 49.27
 Kehinde Aladefa (NGR) 49.60
 Pawel Januszewski (POL) 49.63
 Miro Kocuvan (SLO) 49.66
 Jean-Paul Bruwier (BEL) 49.69
 Ashraf Saber (ITA) 49.71
 Vadim Zadoynov (MDA) 49.73
 Gideon Biwott (KEN) 49.74
 Peter Crampton (GBR) 49.78
 Barnabas Kinyor (KEN) 49.82
 Hideaki Kawamura (JPN) 49.88
 Gilbert Hashan (MRI) 49.94
 Hadi Somayli (KSA) 49.94
 Ruslan Mashchenko (RUS) 49.94
 Mugur Mateescu (ROU) 49.97
 Julius Masvanise (ZIM) 50.16
 Hamadou Mbaye (SEN) 50.30
 Jozef Kucej (SVK) 50.31
 Gary Jennings (GBR) 50.41
 Salvador Vila (ESP) 50.55
 Egils Tebelis (LAT) 50.73
 Tom McGuirk (IRL) 50.76
 Amadou Sy Savane (GUI) 50.90
 Llewellyn Herbert (RSA) 51.13
 Domingo Cordero (PUR) 51.20
 Marcel Schelbert (SUI) 51.20
 Cleverson Silva (BRA) 51.23
 Oscar Pitillas (ESP) 51.35
 Simon Hollingsworth (AUS) 52.16
 Inigo Monreal (ESP) 52.23
 Ivan Wakit (PNG) 53.42
 Lancelot Gittens (GUY) 54.79
 Curt Young (PAN) 55.20
 Winthrop Graham (JAM) DNF

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