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Archery at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's team


Archery at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's team

Archery at the
1996 Summer Olympics
Individual   men   women
Team   men   women

The men's team was an archery event held as part of the Archery at the 1996 Summer Olympics programme.

Men's team
at the Games of the XXVI Olympiad
Venue Stone Mountain Park Archery Center
Date 28 July 1996 - 2 August 1996
Competitors 15 teams; 45 individuals from 15 nations
Gold medal    United States
Silver medal    South Korea
Bronze medal    Italy


  • Results 1
    • Ranking round 1.1
    • Knockout stage 1.2
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The score for the team ranking round was the sum of the three archers' scores in the individual ranking round. No further shooting was done to determine team rankings.

Ranking round

Nation Archers Ranking
of 16
1 3 United States Justin Huish
Richard Johnson
Rod White
2000 251 251 251 251
2 1 South Korea Jang Yong-Ho
Kim Bo-Ram
Oh Kyo-Moon
2031 Bye 251 250 249
3 2 Italy Matteo Bisiani
Michele Frangilli
Andrea Parenti
2000 244 252 247 248
4 6 Australia Simon Fairweather
Jackson Fear
Matthew Gray
1994 243 253 234 244
5 8 Slovenia Peter Koprivnikar
Matevz Krumpestar
Samo Medved
1951 242 249
6 5 Sweden Goran Bjerendal
Mikael Larsson
Magnus Petersson
1977 247 241
7 4 Ukraine Oleksandr Yatsenko
Valeriy Yevetsky
Stanislav Zabrodsky
1972 238 240
8 7 Finland Jari Lipponen
Tomi Poikolainen
Tommi Tuovila
1968 245 236
9 10 France Sébastien Flute
Damien Letulle
Lionel Torres
1945 244
10 15 Chinese Taipei Cho Sheng-Ling
Hsieh Sheng-Feng
Wu Tsung-Yi
1921 243
11 9 Russia Bair Badënov
Andrey Podlazov
Balzhinima Tsyrempilov
1950 241
12 13 China Luo Hengyu
Shen Jun
Tang Hua
1935 240
13 12 Kazakhstan Vadim Shikarev
Sergei Martynov
Vitaliy Shin
1935 239
14 14 India Lalremsanga Chhangte
Skalzang Dorje
Limba Ram
1928 235
15 11 Canada Jeannot Robitaille
Rob Rusnov
Kevin Sally
1936 225

Knockout stage

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
  South Korea (KOR) -  
 bye -       South Korea (KOR) 251  
  Slovenia (SLO) 242     Slovenia (SLO) 239  
  Russia (RUS) 241         South Korea (KOR) 250  
  Sweden (SWE) 247         Australia (AUS) 234  
  Kazakhstan (KAZ) 239       Sweden (SWE) 241
  Australia (AUS) 243     Australia (AUS) 253  
  China (CHN) 240         South Korea (KOR) 249
  United States (USA) 251         United States (USA) 251
  India (IND) 235       United States (USA) 251  
  Ukraine (UKR) 238     Ukraine (UKR) 240  
  Canada (CAN) 225         United States (USA) 251   Bronze medal match
  Finland (FIN) 245         Italy (ITA) 247  
  France (FRA) 244       Finland (FIN) 236     Italy (ITA) 248
  Italy (ITA) 244     Italy (ITA) 252       Australia (AUS) 244
  Chinese Taipei (TPE) 243  


In addition to winning the gold medal, the United States team accomplished another highly unusual feat: the team shot the same score in all four rounds of team competition.


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