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American Pie 2

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Title: American Pie 2  
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American Pie 2

American Pie 2
Directed by James B. Rogers
Produced by Chris Moore
Warren Zide
Screenplay by Adam Herz
Story by Adam Herz
David H. Steinberg
Based on Characters 
by Adam Herz
Starring Jason Biggs
Shannon Elizabeth
Alyson Hannigan
Chris Klein
Natasha Lyonne
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Tara Reid
Seann William Scott
Mena Suvari
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Eugene Levy
Music by David Lawrence
Cinematography Mark Irwin
Edited by Larry Madaras
Stuart H. Pappé
Zine/Perry Productions
Distributed by Universal Studios
Release dates August 10, 2001 (2001-08-10)
Running time 110 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $30 million
Box office $287,553,595[1]

American Pie 2 is a 2001 American comedy film and the sequel to the 1999 film American Pie and the second film in the American Pie film series. It was written by Adam Herz and directed by James B. Rogers. The film picks up the story of the four friends from the first film as they reunite during the summer after their first year of college. It was released in the United States on August 10, 2001, and grossed over $145 million in the US and $142 million overseas on a budget of $30 million. It was followed by yet another sequel, American Wedding.

The film tells the story of four friends Kevin, Jim, Chris ("Oz") and Paul ("Finch") and their attempts to have the greatest summer party ever. Much of the film takes place at a summer beach house in Grant Harbor, Michigan, per Kevin's older brother's suggestion.


After breaking up for the summer, the four friends plan to take off to a beach house together, where they intend to spend the summer. Stifler (Sean William Scott), the oversexed college clown has also been invited along by Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), having worked out that they can only afford the house if they have a fifth member to work along with them. Stifler takes charge of much of the organizing, often ending up leading the group in their endeavors.

Oz (Chris Klein) is lonely, being away from his girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari) who is in Spain. They proceed to start having phone sex to vent some of their frustration, which ends up being interrupted by Stifler. Heather later shows up early to the party, ending the short storyline that Oz is involved in.

After arriving in Grand Harbor they manage to find work painting a house (based on the Tuition Painters franchise) in the area together, mistaking the owners for lesbians. Jim (Jason Biggs), Stifler and Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) end up performing "like for like" sexual acts on each other in return for being able to watch the girls doing the same thing. Oz and Kevin take turns watching up a ladder and listening on the walkie-talkie also in the room. The conversation is accidentally picked up and heard by many other people in the neighborhood.

After this, many concurrent stories run at the same time, some interacting with each other, others staying mainly separate.

Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), Jim's girlfriend from the first American Pie film, is coming to visit him in August. When she arrives early, Jim asks for help from band geek Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), making a fool out of himself in front of the audience when he pretends to be Petey, a mentally challenged boy who plays the trombone. They pretend to be in a relationship so that Nadia will not expect Jim to have sex (Jim is involved in an incident involving a tube of super glue he mistook for lube; he accidentally glued his penis to his underpants while watching a porno film and injured himself, leaving him embarrassed and unable to perform). Jim and Michelle break the relationship off once he is ready to have sex with Nadia, but by then Michelle has really fallen in love with Jim, and soon Jim realises that he has fallen for Michelle. Nadia also realizes this and tells him, "Go, get your band geek, and I will find mine". Jim goes and plays the trombone once more whilst Michelle is playing the flute at a major recital in order to show her that she is the one he wants to be with.

Finch has become involved in the sexual art of Jennifer Coolidge), who he had sex with in the first film, hoping she will show up and be willing to do it again. He thinks she arrives when a vehicle turns up after Stifler is talking on the phone, but it turns out to be his little brother Matt (Eli Marienthal), the star of later films. He spends the night talking with a few girls, but he doesn't sleep with any of them.

The next morning, after the party, a Mercedes coupe with darkened windows turns up, Finch approaches and it turns out Stifler's Mom has come after all. He jumps at the chance and they drive off together, Stifler not realizing until after the car has driven off that it was Finch and his mother. After being asked, she reveals her name is Janine, but also instructs Finch to resume calling her "Stifler’s mom" as per usual.

The geeky Sherman (Chris Owen) gives up on getting anyone after he is turned down by the experienced and savvy Jessica (Natasha Lyonne), but the rejected Nadia, who wanted Jim because he was a geek, is turned on by his "Shermanator" gimmick, and they end up in bed together.

Kevin doesn't end up "getting off" with anyone, but he does seem to succeed in getting over Vicky (Tara Reid) after making advances on her throughout the film.

Different versions

Two versions of the movie have been released: the R-Rated and the Unrated Version. To obtain an R-Rating the movie had to be cut slightly, altogether only 19 scenes were altered.[2]



American Pie
Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Released August 10, 2001
Label Uptown/Universal
Various Artists chronology
American Pie Soundtrack 1999 American Pie 2 Soundtrack 2001 American Wedding Soundtrack 2003
  1. Blink-182 - "Every Time I Look For You"
  2. Green Day - "Scumbag"
  3. Left Front Tire - "Bring You Down"
  4. American Hi-Fi - "Vertigo"
  5. Uncle Kracker - "Split This Room in Half"
  6. 3 Doors Down - "Be Like That" (American Pie 2 Edit)
  7. Alien Ant Farm - "Good For a Woman"
  8. Angela Ammons - "Always Getting over You"
  9. Jettingham - "Cheating"
  10. Flying Blind - "Smokescreen"
  11. Fenix*TX - "Phoebe Cates"
  12. The Exit - "Susan"
  13. Sum 41 - "Fat Lip"
  14. Lucia Cifarelli - "I Will"
  15. Oleander - "Halo"
  16. Witness - "Here's One For You" (is on some soundtrack versions)

The following songs were included in the movie but were not featured on the soundtrack:


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