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Aluva Railway Station

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Title: Aluva Railway Station  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Thiruvananthapuram railway division, Edappally railway station, Angamaly railway station, Alappuzha railway station, Tiruvalla railway station
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Aluva Railway Station

Aluva Railway Station
Station of Shoranur – Cochin Harbour section and Southern Railways.
A view of Aluva Station. Four platforms are visible.
Station statistics
Address Goodshed Road, Aluva, Ernakulam District
Elevation 12m
Structure type Standard on-ground station
Levels 1
Platforms 4
Tracks 6
Other information
Electrified Yes
Station code AWY
Owned by Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways
Fare zone Southern Railways
Passengers () 30000 per day

Aluva is one of the important railway station in Greater Cochin situated in Ernakulam district and also the second busiest station in the Indian state of Kerala in terms of number of trains after Thrissur Railway Station.It is an A grade station under Thiruvananthapuram railway division.[1][2] It lies in the Shoranur-Cochin Harbour section of Trivandrum railway division.

Aluva is an important halting stops for all passenger trains passing through the region except Rajadhani Express and a few super fast trains. This is a convenient station to alight for passengers traveling to Kalamassery, North Paravur, Perumbavoor, Moovattupuzha and Munnar. It also serves passengers to and from Cochin International Airport. Aluva station also reduces the congestion in Ernakulam Junction and Ernakulam Town stations in Kochi City.


Aluva railway station has 3 platforms to handle long distance and passenger trains and 1 platform to handle cargo.There is one entrance presently a secondary entrance is being planned.


Aluva railway station is a high revenue earning station for Thiruvananthapuram rail division. In the financial year 2011-12 it earned 320749989 rupees,highest after Thiruvananthapuram Central, Ernakulam Junction, Thrissur, Ernakulam North, Kollam Junction and Kottayam, which are stations located at any of the District Headquarters in the state.

Trains Passing Through Aluva Railway Station

No. Train No: Origin Destination Train Name
1. 16042/16041 Alleppey Chennai Alleppey Express
2. 13352/13351 Alleppey Dhanbad Tata Express
3. 16307/16308 Alleppey Cannanore Alleppey Kannur Express
4. 16341/16342 Guruvayur Trivandrum Guruvayur Trivandrum Express
5. 12512/12511 Thiruvananthapuram Central Gorakhpur Junction Raptisagar SF Express
6. 12625/12626 Thiruvananthapuram Central New Delhi Kerala Express
7. 16302/16301 Thiruvananthapuram Central Shornur Junction Venad Express
8. 16326/16325 Thiruvananthapuram Central Indore Junction Ahilyanagari Express
9. 16332/16331 Thiruvananthapuram Central Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai Express
10. 16346/16345 Thiruvananthapuram Central Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Netravathi Express
11. 16604/16603 Thiruvananthapuram Central Mangalore Maveli Express
12. 16316/16315 Kochuveli Bangalore Kochuveli Bangalore Express
13. 19577/19578 Tirunelveli Happa Happa Express
14. 12788/12787 Tirunelveli Bilaspur Bilaspur Superfast Express
15. 16128/16127 Guruvayur Chennai Egmore Guruvayur Express
16. 16606/16605 Nagercoil Mangalore Ernad Express
17. 12507/12508 Trivandrum Central Guwahati Trivandrum Guwahati Super Fast Express
18. 12617/12618 Ernakulam South H.Nizamudin Mangala Lakshadweep Express
19. 12645/12646 Ernakulam South H.Nizamudin Millenium Express
20. 16865/16866 Ernakulam South Karaikal Tea Garden Express
21. 16305/16306 Ernakulam South Kannur Intercity Express
22. 16307/16308 Ernakulam South Kannur Executive Express
23. 12678/12677 Ernakulam South Bangalore Intercity Express
24. 12683/12684 Ernakulam South Bangalore Superfast Express
25. 22607/22608 Ernakulam South Bangalore Superfast Express
26. 10216/10215 Ernakulam South Madgon Madagon Express
27. 16309/16310 Ernakulam South Patna Patna Express
28. 16359/16360 Ernakulam South Patna Patna Express
29. 16337/16338 Ernakulam South Okha Okha Express
30. 12522/12521 Ernakulam South Barauni Raptisagar Express
31. 11098/11097 Ernakulam South Pune Poorna Express
32. 12977/12978 Ernakulam South Ajmer Marusagar Express
33. 22816/22817 Ernakulam South Bilaspur Bilaspur Express
34. 16649/16650 Mangalore Nagercoil Parasuram Express
35. 17229/17230 Trivandrum Hyderabad Sabari Express
36. 16381/16382 Mumbai CST Kanyakumari Jayanthi Janatha Express
37. 16525/16526 Kanyakumari Bangalore Island Express
38. 12623/12624 Chennai Trivandrum Trivandrum Mail
39. 12257/12258 Kochuveli Yeswantpur Yeswantpur Express
40. 16629/16630 Trivandrum Mangalore Malabar Express
41. 16347/16348 Trivandrum Mangalore Mangalore Express
42. 16343/16344 Trivandrum Palakkad Town Amritha Express
43. 16327/16328 Korba Trivandrum Korba Express
44. 16317/16318 Kanyakumari Jammutawi Himsagar Express
45. 16311/16312 Kochuveli Bikaner Kochuveli Bikaner express
46. 12515/12516 Trivandrum Guwahati Trivandrum Guwahati Superfast Express
47. 12659/12660 Nagercoil shalimar Gurudev Express
48. 16333/16334 Trivandrum Veraval Veraval Express
49. 16335/16336 Gandhidham Nagercoil Nagercoil Gandhidham Express
50. 16302/16301 Trivandrum Shoranur Junction Venad Express
51. 12075/12076 Thiruvananthapuram Central Kozhikode Janshatabdi Express
52. 22633/22634 Trivandrum Central Nizamuddin Nizamuddin SF Express
53. 18567/18568 Kollam Junction Vishakapatanam Kollam-Vishakapatnam Express

Passenger Trains Passing Through Aluva Railway Station

No. Train No: Origin Destination
1. 56608 Ernakulam South Shoranur
2. 56606 Ernakulam South Shoranur
3. 66612 Ernakulam South Palakad Jn (MEMU)
4. 56375 Ernakulam South Guruvayur
5. 56370 Ernakulam South Guruvayur
6. 56606 Ernakulam South Guruvayur
7. 56363 Ernakulam South Nilambur
8. 56366 Punalur Guruvayur
9. 56608 Ernakulam South Guruvayur


  • Modernization of existing rail terminal
  • Opening of new entrance at the western side
  • Modification of Platform 4
  • Extension of Ernakulam - trivandrum express to aluva
  • Extension of Ernakulam bound passenger trains to aluva
  • Escalators at platforms
  • LED displays at the terminal
  • Transfer of goods yard to chowra
  • opening of passenger amenities centre
  • Stoppage for Kochuveli - Amritsar Express
  • Stoppage for Thiruvananthapuram Central - Nizamudin Express
  • Stoppage for Kochuveli - Porbandhar Express
  • Stoppage for Kochuveli - Dehradun Express
  • Stoppage for Ernakulam - Pune Express
  • Stoppage for Thiruvananthapuram Central - Chennai Superfast
  • Stoppage for Thiruvananthapuram Central - Chennai Express
  • Stoppage for Kochuveli - Hubli Express
  • Stoppage for Thiruvananthapuram Central - Kannur Janashatabdi


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