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Aarhus N

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Title: Aarhus N  
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Aarhus N

Århus N is a district in the city of Århus, consisting of Riis skov, Christiansbjerg, Trøjborg,Katrinebjerg and Marienlund. Århus N is located north of the city centre and therefore the name Århus Nord (lit. English, "Aarhus North").

Many of the neighborhoods in the district were once small, separated towns and villages, but developed and grew through the Industrial Revolution and later grew together with the rest of Århus.

Århus N has 30,000 inhabitants.

Quarters and areas




Christiansbjerg is one of Århus's old boroughs located beyond the historic city center. Developed in the beginning of the nineteen hundreds as a small town, but first really developed in the 30s and 40s. There were a lot of houses and apartments built and several urban squares has given Christiansbjerg its own structure with its own urban center with lots of shops. Today, the area has around 22,000 inhabitants, and has become an important part of the city, with a computer college, the just expanded shopping centre StorCenter Nord and many students living in the area, just next to the University.


Trøjborg is located north of Århus C and has around 10,000 inhabitants. Many college students live in Trøjborg, but with its short distance to downtown, and to the ocean, it is very attractive. It is almost like an independent town in the city, with its own distinct shopping district with cafe life. There are about one hundred stores, a cinema, grocery and fruit markets, and its own shopping centre. From 2001 to 2006 Trøjborg has been through an modernisation, with wider sidewalks and reconstruction of urban spaces.

Marienlund and Riis Skov

Marienlund is the notheren tip of Trøjborg around the very busy junction, Grenaavej, Nordre Ringgade and Dronning Magrethesvej. It is mostly single houses crowded together. Marienlund is also the name of a terminus for several bus lines going around and through the City.

Riisskov is located far east in Århus Nord and is one big forest in the middle of the city. It is surrounded by city on north, west and south and Århus bay on the east. It is one of Aarhus important landmarks and is very attractive for tourists as well as the people in Århus. Along the coast there is an attractive beach separated from the woods by the regional railroad tracks.



Århus N is very poorly served by rail. Regional trains only run on the far east in Trøjborg, along the coast. There are only two stops, a station in Trøjborg and a small platform east of Riis Skov.

Light Rail

The Århus Council have planned for years to build a light rail line to help develop the infrastructure in the city. The rail line is planned to follow the main road, Nørrebrogade which forms the border between Vesterbro and Trøjborg. In May 2008 the expansion of the road from four lanes to six lanes started. The two new lanes will serve as bus lanes until the light rail is put in place. This section of the light rail is the first of several,[1] eventually covering many old and planned urban areas in and around Århus. As of the beginning of 2010, planning of the rail has entered a hearing phase. The first lines should run on Nørrebrogade in 2015


Århus N is served by several bus lines going through. There are no bus terminals in Århus N, but some buses terminate at smaller stops.


  • Christiansbjerg: Danish
  • Trøjborg: Danish

Coordinates: 56°10′59″N 10°12′14″E / 56.183°N 10.204°E / 56.183; 10.204

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