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2014–15 Hong Kong Premier League

Hong Kong Premier League
Season 2014–15

The 2014–15 Hong Kong Premier League is the first season of Hong Kong Premier League, the top division of Hong Kong football. The fixtures were announced on 15 August 2014.[1] The season began on 12 September 2014 and will conclude on 10 May 2015.


  • Teams 1
    • Stadia and locations 1.1
    • Personnel and kits 1.2
    • Chairman changes 1.3
    • Managerial changes 1.4
    • Foreign players 1.5
  • League table 2
  • Fixtures and results 3
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    • Round 2 3.2
    • Round 3 3.3
    • Round 4 3.4
    • Round 9 3.5
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A total of 9 teams will contest the league, including seven sides from the 2013–14 Hong Kong First Division League and two promoted from the 2013–14 Hong Kong Second Division League.

Stadia and locations

Note: Table lists in alphabetical order.

Team Stadium Location Capacity
Eastern Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground Tseung Kwan O 3,500
I-Sky Yuen Long Yuen Long Stadium Yuen Long 4,932
Kitchee Mong Kok Stadium Mong Kok 6,664
Rangers Kowloon Bay Park Kowloon Bay 1,200
South China Hong Kong Stadium So Kon Po 40,000
Sun Pegasus Mong Kok Stadium Mong Kok 6,664
Wofoo Tai Po Tai Po Sports Ground Tai Po 3,000
Wong Tai Sin Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground Choi Hung 2,200
YFCMD Sham Shui Po Sports Ground Cheung Sha Wan 2,194

Personnel and kits

Team Chairman Head Coach Captain Kitmaker Shirt sponsor
Eastern Lam Kin Ming Cristiano Cordeiro Leung Chi Wing Adidas
I-Sky Yuen Long Wong Wai Shun Chan Ho Yin Cheng King Ho Nike Wong & Poon Solicitors
Kitchee Ken Ng José Francisco Molina Lo Kwan Yee Nike Jockey Club Kitchee Centre
Rangers Mok Yiu Keung Cheung Po Chun Leung Hing Kit Xtep Kunne
South China Wallace Cheung Yeung Ching Kwong Chan Wai Ho Adidas Panasonic
Sun Pegasus Cheng Ting Kong José Ricardo Rambo Tong Kin Man Adidas Yahoo
Wofoo Tai Po Cheung Hok Ming Pau Ka Yiu Chan Yuk Chi Adidas Lee Kee Group Ltd
Wong Tai Sin Ma Hung Ming Chiu Chung Man Sandro Nike
YFCMD Khan Swadiq Lee Chi Kin Leung Kwun Chung Nike LEOC

Chairman changes

Team Outgoing Chairman Date of vacancy Incoming Chairman Date of appointment
South China Steven Lo 30 May 2014 Wallace Cheung 1 June 2014
YFCMD Hiroshi Onodera 1 July 2014 Khan Swadiq 1 July 2014

Managerial changes

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Position in table Incoming manager Date of appointment
Kitchee Cheng Siu Chung
Chu Chi Kwong
Returned as assistant coach 23 May 2014 Pre-season José Francisco Molina 23 May 2014
Sun Pegasus Chan Chi Hong Promoted as Technical Director 9 June 2014 José Ricardo Rambo 9 June 2014
Wong Tai Sin Chan Chi Kwong Returned as assistant coach 9 July 2014 Chiu Chung Man 9 July 2014
Biu Chun Rangers José Ricardo Rambo Signed by Sun Pegasus 9 June 2014 Tim Bredbury 11 July 2014
Biu Chun Rangers Tim Bredbury Resigned 14 July 2014 Chan Hung Ping 14 July 2014
Biu Chun Rangers Chan Hung Ping Returned as assistant coach 1 August 2014 Cheung Po Chun 1 August 2014

Foreign players

The number of foreign players is restricted to six (including an Asian player) per team, with no more than four on pitch during matches.[2]

Club Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Asian Player
Eastern Giovane Diego Eli Michel Lugo Reinaldo Peres Miroslav Saric Dylan Macallister
I-Sky Yuen Long Gustavo Wellingsson Souza Fábio Lopes Čedomir Mijanović Tsuyoshi Yoshitake
Kitchee Fernando Recio Dani Cancela Jordi Tarrés Juan Belencoso Paulinho Piracicaba Jang Kyung-Jin
Biu Chun Rangers Eugene Mbome Óscar Rodríguez Yago González Iván Zarandona
South China Cristian Mora Yuto Nakamura Bojan Mališić Evan Kostopoulos
Sun Pegasus Dario Damjanović Admir Raščić Petrisor Voinea Igor Miović Aleksandar Ranđelović Jerrad Tyson
Wofoo Tai Po Aaron Evans Joey Gibbs Aender Naves Mesquita Clayton Vincent Weijl Leong Ka Hang
Wong Tai Sin Sandro Tomas Maronesi Maurício Mirko Teodorović Zhang Jun
YFCMD Fernando Pereira Rubén López Dieguito Jose Maria Diaz Kenji Fukuda Masaaki Ideguchi

League table

Qualification or relegation
1 Sun Pegasus 8 5 1 2 15 6 +9 16 2016 AFC Champions League play-off stage
2 Kitchee 5 4 1 0 11 5 +6 13
3 South China 7 3 3 1 12 9 +3 12
4 Eastern 5 3 1 1 10 4 +6 10
5 YFCMD 5 2 1 2 5 6 −1 7
6 I-Sky Yuen Long 7 2 1 4 8 14 −6 7
7 Rangers 6 2 0 4 9 13 −4 6
8 Wong Tai Sin 7 1 2 4 7 13 −6 5
9 Wofoo Tai Po 6 0 2 4 6 13 −7 2 Relegation to 2015–16 First Division

Updated to games played on 7 December 2014.
Source: Hong Kong Football Association website
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) head-to-head points; 3) head-to-head goal difference; 4) head-to-head goals scored; 5) goal difference; 6) number of goals scored
(C)=Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (E) = Eliminated; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round.
Only applicable when the season is not finished:
(Q)=Qualified to the phase of tournament indicated; (TQ) = Qualified to tournament, but not yet to the particular phase indicated; (RQ) = Qualified to the relegation tournament indicated; (DQ) = Disqualified from tournament.
Head-to-Head: used when head-to-head record is used to rank tied teams.

Fixtures and results

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 9


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