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2013 "Pro Europe" demonstration in Moldova


2013 "Pro Europe" demonstration in Moldova

"Pro Europe" demonstration
in Chișinău, 2013
Location Chișinău, Moldova
Date November 3, 2013
11:00-15:00 (UTC+2)
Perpetrators Pro-EU activists and anti-communist demonstrators
Number of participants
Demonstrators: around 117,000.[1]

The "Pro Europe" demonstration took place in the capital of Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, Democratic Party of Moldova and Liberal Reformists Party. It's estimated that around 100,000 people participated at the demonstration, being the biggest mass group or collection of groups of people, since Moldovan Declaration of Independence.[1]


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Originally, the organisators says that at the demonstration were participated around 100,000 people, but police says that it estimated crowd at 60,000 people.[1] However, police reevaluated his number and in an official communicate declared that at the demonstration took part around 117,000 people.[2] The crowd of people gathered in Moldova’s capital Chișinău, on November 3, 2013 to show their support for closer ties with the European Union. It comes a few weeks before a summit in Vilnius, Lithuania where Moldova hopes to sign a partnership agreement with the EU.[3]

Moldovan President, Nicolae Timofti, told the crowds:
The European integration is a chance to rebuild our economy, improve the quality of life and ensure prosperity of all citizens, to build a society with a clear vision.[3]

The demonstration was organised by the Moldovan government which wants to send a clear message to Brussels. However the country is under pressure from Russia which says closer ties with the EU would have “serious consequences” for Moldovan workers in Russia and the export of its goods.[3]

At the opening ceremony of demonstration, Moldovan soprano singer Valentina Naforniță, performed the Anthem of Moldova.[4]

At the end of demonstration, participants have voted the ″Declaration from Chișinău″.[5][6]


Along with association agreement with the EU in June 2014.[7]

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