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2008 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B

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Title: 2008 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B  
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Subject: Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, Esporte Clube Santo André, Clube Atlético Bragantino, Túlio Maravilha, Fábio Júnior Pereira, Mateus Paraná, Mano Menezes, Cristian Baroni, Alexandre Finazzi, Lulinha
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2008 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B

Campeonato Brasileiro Série B
Season 2008
Champions Corinthians
1st Série B title
Promoted Corinthians
Santo André
Relegated Marília
Goals scored 1,069
Average goals/game 2.81
Top goalscorer Túlio (Vila Nova) - 24 goals
Highest attendance 48,010 – Fortaleza v Brasiliense
Lowest attendance 81 – Bragantino v CRB

The Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, namely the second level of Brazilian football league system, was contested by 20 teams in 2008. Giants Corinthians played Série B for the first time after its poor season in Série A in 2007. Also, former Série A champions Bahia returned from Série C.

The tournament started on May 9 and Corinthians begun defeating CRB 3-2 in São Paulo. Due to its tradition and huge number of supporters, Corinthians attracted most of the attention from the media. The club won the first six matches and never left the top of the table. Promotion came on round 32 - six matches before the end of season - after defeating Ceará 2-0 in São Paulo. They were crowned champions two rounds later, beating Criciúma 2-0 as visitors.

Avaí was the second team to reach Série A as they defeated Brasiliense 1-0 on Round 35. One week later, Santo André also reached promotion after their 3-2 win as visitors against Ceará. Finally, Barueri completed the G4 (as the group of promoted teams are called) on Round 37 after beating América de Natal 3-0 at home.

On the other side of the table, CRB's poor record caused the club relegation on Round 33. Gama saw their hope comes to an end three weeks later. In the last round, on November 29, Criciúma and Marília could not scape as Fortaleza and América de Natal won their last matches and managed to stay out of the bottom four.

Vila Nova and former Brazilian international Túlio was the top scorer of the competition with 24 goals in the age of 39 years-old.

Team information

Team City Stadium 2007 Season Ranking CBF
ABC Natal Frasqueirão 4th in Série C 53rd
América Natal Machadão 20th in Série A 30th
Avaí Florianópolis Ressacada 15th in Série B 43rd
Bahia Salvador Jóia da Princesa 2nd in Série C 18th
Bragantino Bragança Paulista Marcelo Stéfani Série C Champions 42nd
Brasiliense Taguatinga, DF Boca do Jacaré 9th in Série B 68th
Ceará Fortaleza Castelão 16th in Série B 25th
CRB Maceió Pajuçara 8th in Série B 36th
Corinthians São Paulo Pacaembu 17th in Série A 2nd
Criciúma Criciúma Heriberto Hülse 7th in Série B 28th
Fortaleza Fortaleza Castelão 5th in Série B 29th
Gama Gama, DF Bezerrão 12th in Série B 48th
Barueri Barueri Arena Barueri 13th in Série B 131st
Juventude Caxias do Sul Alfredo Jaconi 18th in Série A 27th
Marília Marília Bento de Abreu 6th in Série B 67th
Paraná Curitiba Vila Capanema 19th in Série A 23rd
Ponte Preta Campinas Moisés Lucarelli 11th in Série B 24th
Santo André Santo André Bruno José Daniel 14th in Série B 59th
São Caetano São Caetano do Sul Anacleto Campanella 10th in Série B 45th
Vila Nova Goiânia Serra Dourada 3rd in Série C 44th


Pos. Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD Qualification/Relegation
1 Corinthians 85 38 25 10 3 79 29 50 Promotion to Série A 2009
2 Santo André 68 38 19 11 8 71 45 26
3 Avaí 67 38 18 13 7 71 40 31
4 Barueri 63 38 20 3 15 58 55 3
5 Ponte Preta 58 38 17 7 14 54 46 8
6 Vila Nova 58 38 17 7 14 57 55 2
7 Bragantino 57 38 16 9 13 47 41 6
8 Juventude 56 38 16 8 14 51 48 3
9 São Caetano 54 38 14 12 12 61 55 6
10 Bahia 52 38 14 10 14 47 65 -18
11 Paraná 49 38 14 7 17 49 54 -5
12 Ceará 49 38 12 13 12 52 50 2
13 ABC 48 38 12 12 14 55 57 -2
14 Brasiliense 47 38 13 8 17 56 64 -8
15 América de Natal 46 38 12 10 16 46 51 -5
16 Fortaleza 45 38 12 9 17 56 56 0
17 Marília 45 38 11 12 15 47 60 -13 Relegation to Série C 2009
18 Criciúma 41 38 11 8 19 40 54 -14
19 Gama 35 38 9 8 21 37 72 -35
20 CRB 24 38 5 9 24 35 72 -37


To read this table, the home team is listed in the left-hand column.

ABC 0-0(R11) 1-1(R21) 5-1(R29) 3-0(R34) 0-0(R13) 2-2(R14) 3-1(R09) 0-1(R03) 1-0(R19) 0-0(R06) 1-4(R27) 4-1(R23) 1-1(R05) 1-1(R36) 1-0(R26) 1-1(R37) 1-3(R16) 2-1(R31) 3-2(R01)
América 3-2(R30) 1-5(R07) 0-1(R02) 3-1(R18) 0-0(R35) 3-4(R22) 0-0(R25) 2-0(R38) 0-0(R33) 1-0(R20) 1-1(R10) 2-0(R15) 2-0(R28) 3-0(R12) 3-2(R08) 2-1(R04) 2-1(R32) 1-1(R17) 5-1(R24)
Avaí 0-0(R02) 1-1(R26) 4-1(R28) 3-0(R22) 3-1(R17) 1-0(R35) 2-1(R08) 1-1(R18) 5-1(R15) 3-0(R30) 2-1(R24) 2-0(R12) 1-0(R10) 3-1(R32) 3-1(R20) 2-1(R33) 1-1(R04) 2-2(R38) 4-1(R06)
Bahia 1-1(R10) 3-0(R21) 2-1(R09) 0-1(R04) 2-2(R14) 1-0(R34) 1-1(R26) 0-3(R31) 2-0(R36) 2-0(R24) 1-1(R01) 2-2(R19) 1-0(R27) 2-1(R37) 0-0(R06) 2-1(R16) 1-4(R22) 1-1(R13) 3-2(R30)
Barueri 3-2(R15) 3-0(R37) 2-2(R03) 3-2(R23) 2-1(R09) 3-1(R27) 4-3(R12) 1-4(R05) 1-0(R26) 1-0(R33) 1-0(R36) 2-0(R01) 4-0(R19) 1-0(R21) 1-2(R32) 1-0(R30) 1-5(R06) 1-2(R29) 0-1(R16)
Bragantino 1-1(R32) 1-0(R16) 3-2(R36) 4-0(R33) 0-2(R28) 2-1(R10) 1-1(R15) 1-1(R08) 3-2(R05) 0-2(R12) 0-1(R37) 4-0(R30) 0-1(R03) 1-0(R26) 3-0(R23) 2-0(R21) 1-0(R01) 2-1(R25) 2-1(R19)
Brasiliense 1-0(R33) 1-0(R03) 0-1(R16) 2-3(R15) 0-1(R08) 3-1(R29) 3-1(R23) 1-1(R25) 6-3(R30) 2-1(R32) 0-0(R19) 3-2(R26) 2-2(R36) 2-2(R01) 1-2(R12) 2-0(R09) 1-1(R21) 2-2(R05) 2-1(R37)
Ceará 3-1(R28) 2-0(R06) 0-0(R27) 2-2(R07) 1-0(R31) 0-0(R34) 3-0(R04) 2-2(R13) 1-0(R16) 3-1(R11) 1-0(R10) 1-0(R37) 2-1(R01) 3-2(R19) 1-1(R24) 2-0(R22) 2-3(R36) 1-0(R14) 1-2(R21)
Corinthians 4-0(R22) 2-0(R19) 3-2(R37) 0-1(R12) 1-0(R24) 2-0(R27) 4-1(R06) 2-0(R32) 3-2(R01) 0-0(R15) 2-0(R04) 5-0(R21) 2-0(R16) 5-0(R10) 2-1(R33) 3-0(R26) 2-2(R30) 1-0(R09) 3-1(R36)
CRB 1-3(R38) 1-1(R14) 1-1(R34) 1-2(R17) 1-2(R07) 0-2(R24) 2-1(R11) 1-0(R35) 1-2(R20) 1-0(R04) 0-3(R13) 2-2(R25) 0-2(R31) 2-2(R08) 3-0(R18) 0-2(R10) 0-0(R28) 1-1(R02) 1-2(R22)
Criciúma 2-0(R25) 1-0(R01) 1-1(R11) 1-2(R05) 2-2(R14) 1-0(R31) 3-1(R13) 2-0(R29) 0-2(R34) 3-0(R23) 2-1(R07) 2-0(R36) 0-1(R21) 3-2(R16) 0-3(R09) 0-3(R19) 4-4(R37) 2-1(R03) 1-1(R27)
Fortaleza 2-3(R08) 2-1(R29) 2-2(R05) 5-1(R20) 2-1(R17) 1-2(R18) 3-0(R38) 2-2(R30) 1-3(R23) 2-2(R32) 2-1(R26) 5-1(R03) 0-0(R25) 0-1(R33) 4-1(R02) 0-3(R12) 2-0(R15) 1-0(R35) 1-2(R09)
Gama 0-2(R04) 2-2(R34) 0-3(R31) 0-0(R38) 0-2(R20) 0-1(R11) 1-0(R07) 1-0(R18) 1-3(R02) 1-0(R06) 2-0(R17) 2-0(R22) 2-0(R13) 2-1(R28) 1-2(R35) 1-1(R24) 0-4(R10) 1-2(R27) 2-2(R14)
Juventude 3-0(R24) 1-0(R09) 1-0(R29) 4-1(R08) 3-2(R38) 2-3(R22) 2-0(R17) 0-0(R20) 1-2(R35) 4-0(R12) 1-0(R02) 1-1(R06) 3-2(R32) 2-0(R04) 1-1(R30) 1-1(R15) 2-1(R33) 3-4(R18) 4-3(R26)
Marília 2-1(R17) 2-1(R31) 1-1(R13) 3-1(R18) 2-2(R02) 1-1(R07) 0-2(R20) 2-1(R38) 1-1(R29) 0-0(R27) 3-3(R35) 4-2(R14) 2-2(R09) 1-0(R23) 0-0(R03) 3-1(R06) 2-0(R24) 2-1(R11) 1-0(R34)
Paraná 1-0(R07) 2-1(R27) 0-1(R01) 3-0(R25) 1-0(R13) 2-2(R04) 1-3(R31) 2-2(R05) 0-2(R14) 4-0(R37) 3-1(R28) 3-1(R21) 1-2(R16) 1-2(R11) 1-0(R22) 1-0(R36) 0-1(R19) 2-3(R34) 0-0(R10)
Ponte Preta 1-2(R18) 2-0(R23) 3-2(R14) 1-0(R35) 3-0(R11) 1-0(R02) 2-2(R28) 3-2(R03) 1-1(R07) 1-0(R29) 3-1(R38) 2-2(R31) 1-2(R05) 1-0(R34) 2-0(R25) 3-1(R17) 2-1(R08) 1-1(R20) 2-0(R13)
Santo André 4-2(R35) 1-1(R13) 1-0(R23) 2-0(R03) 2-1(R25) 1-0(R20) 1-3(R02) 3-2(R17) 1-1(R11) 3-1(R09) 1-0(R18) 3-0(R34) 2-0(R29) 4-0(R14) 2-2(R05) 3-1(R38) 1-3(R27) 0-0(R07) 2-1(R31)
São Caetano 0-4(R12) 1-2(R36) 3-3(R19) 3-1(R32) 1-3(R10) 2-0(R06) 4-1(R24) 2-2(R33) 2-2(R28) 2-4(R21) 0-0(R22) 3-1(R16) 3-1(R08) 2-1(R37) 1-0(R30) 3-1(R15) 3-0(R01) 1-1(R26) 1-0(R04)
Vila Nova 3-1(R20) 3-2(R05) 1-0(R25) 1-1(R11) 2-3(R35) 2-0(R38) 2-0(R18) 1-0(R02) 2-1(R17) 2-1(R03) 2-0(R08) 1-0(R28) 1-1(R33) 1-1(R07) 4-0(R15) 0-2(R29) 2-1(R32) 2-2(R12) 2-1(R23)


Home team win
Away team win

Top scorers

# Scorer Team Goals
1 Brazil Túlio Vila Nova 24
2 Brazil Nunes Bragantino 15
3 Brazil Dentinho Corinthians 14
Argentina Herrera Corinthians
Brazil Márcio Mixirica Santo André
6 Brazil Pedrão Barueri 13
7 Brazil Luiz Carlos Ceará 12
Brazil Tuta São Caetano
Brazil Jéferson Santo André
10 Brazil Mendes Juventude 11
Last Updated: 2008-11-29, * [1]

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