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1994 FIFA World Cup disciplinary record

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Title: 1994 FIFA World Cup disciplinary record  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 1994 FIFA World Cup Group A, 1994 FIFA World Cup Group D, 1994 FIFA World Cup Group B, 1994 FIFA World Cup, 1994 FIFA World Cup Group E
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1994 FIFA World Cup disciplinary record

In the 1994 FIFA World Cup the main disciplinary action taken against players came in the form of red and yellow cards. Any player picking up a red card is automatically banned for his country's next game (if it is a serious offense FIFA may extend this ban to a number of games). Players also receive a one game ban if they pick up two yellow cards within the group stage or within the knockout stage.

Disciplinary statistics


By referee

Referee Matches Red Yellow Red Cards
Joël Quiniou 4 3 22 1 straight red
2 second yellows
José Torres Cadena 4 1 21 1 straight red
Sándor Puhl 4 0 11
Arturo Brizio Carter 3 3 18 3 straight reds
Jamal Al Sharif 3 2 19 2 second yellows
Peter Mikkelsen 3 1 10 1 straight red
Mario van der Ende 3 0 15
Rodrigo Badilla 3 0 7
Neji Jouini 2 2 12 1 straight red
1 second yellow
Philip Don 2 1 12 1 second yellow
Leslie Mottram 2 1 11 1 second yellow
Hellmut Krug 2 1 7 1 straight red
Ali Bujsaim 2 0 10
Renato Marsiglia 2 0 10
Alberto Tejada 2 0 9
Francisco Oscar Lamolina 2 0 7
Kurt Röthlisberger 2 0 7
Pierluigi Pairetto 1 0 7
Manuel Diaz Vega 1 0 5
Filippi Cavani 1 0 4
Arturo Angeles 1 0 3
Bo Karlsson 1 0 3
Lim Kee Chong 1 0 3
Fabio Baldas 1 0 2
Total 52 15 235 8 straight reds
7 second yellows

By team

Team Yellow Red Red Cards Suspensions
 Argentina 9 0
 Belgium 6 0 J. Weber vs Saudi Arabia
 Bolivia 8 2 M. Etcheverry vs Germany
straight red card
Luis Cristaldo vs South Korea
second yellow card
M. Etcheverry vs South Korea
L. Cristaldo vs Spain
 Brazil 8 1 Leonardo vs United States
straight red card
Leonardo vs Netherlands
 Bulgaria 23 2 T. Tsvetanov vs Argentina
second yellow card
E. Kremenliev vs Mexico
second yellow card
T. Tsvetanov vs Mexico (Round of 16)
Z. Yankov vs Mexico (Round of 16)
E. Kremenliev vs Germany (quarter-final)
 Cameroon 5 1 R. Song vs Brazil
straight red card
R. Song vs Russia
 Colombia 7 0
 Germany 13 0
 Greece 8 0
 Italy 11 2 G. Pagliuca vs Norway
straight red card
G. Zola vs Nigeria
straight red card
G. Pagliuca vs Mexico
G. Zola vs Spain
D. Albertini vs Brazil (final)
A. Costacurta vs Brazil (final)
 Mexico 11 1 Luis García vs Bulgaria
second yellow card
Claudio Suárez vs Bulgaria
J. del Olmo vs Bulgaria (Round of 16)
 Morocco 10 0 N. Naybet vs Saudi Arabia
 Netherlands 12 0 J. Wouters vs Republic of Ireland
 Nigeria 9 0
 Norway 6 0 A. Håland vs Republic of Ireland
 Republic of Ireland 8 0 D. Irwin vs Norway
T. Phelan vs Norway
 Romania 12 1 I. Vlădoiu vs South Korea
straight red card
I. Vlădoiu vs United States
F. Răducioiu vs Argentina (Round of 16)
 Russia 9 1 S. Gorlukovich vs Sweden
second yellow card
S. Gorlukvich vs Cameroon
 Saudi Arabia 10 0 M. Al-Deayea vs Sweden
 South Korea 6 0
 Spain 13 1 M. Nadal vs South Korea
straight red card
M. Nadal vs Germany
 Sweden 14 2 S. Schwarz vs Romania
second yellow card
J. Thern vs Brazil
straight red card
S. Schwarz vs Brazil
J. Thern vs Bulgaria (third-place match)
 Switzerland 8 0
 United States 9 1 F. Clavijo vs Brazil
second yellow card
J. Harkes vs Brazil
Total 235 15

By individual

1 red card
4 yellow cards
3 yellow cards
2 yellow cards
1 yellow card
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