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1990 Maghreb Athletics Championships

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Title: 1990 Maghreb Athletics Championships  
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Subject: Maghreb Athletics Championships, 1975 Maghreb Athletics Championships, 1981 Maghreb Athletics Championships, 1983 Maghreb Athletics Championships
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1990 Maghreb Athletics Championships

11th Maghreb Athletics Championships
Host city Algiers, Algeria
Date(s) ~27 July
Participation 3 nations
Events 40

The 1990 Algiers, Algeria around 27 July. A total of 40 athletics events were contested, 22 for men and 18 for women.[1][2] Morocco topped the medal table, followed by Algeria.[3]

A women's 10,000 metres and 5000 metres walk were contested for the first time.


  • Medal summary 1
    • Men 1.1
    • Women 1.2
  • References 2

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Benyoucef Aïssa Khalifa (ALG) 10.76  Abdelkader El Boukhari (MAR) 10.84  Mustapha Kamel Selmi (ALG) 10.88
200 metres  Abdelkader El Boukhari (MAR) 21.51  Ali Dahane (MAR) 21.55  Mustapha Kamel Selmi (ALG) 21.58
400 metres  Benyounés Lahlou (MAR) 45.97  Amar Hecin (ALG) 46.48  Mohamed Filali (ALG) 47.05
800 metres  Réda Abdenouz (ALG) 1:49.65  Ahmed Belkessam (ALG) 1:49.91  Rachid El Basir (MAR) 1:49.94
1500 metres  Noureddine Morceli (ALG) 4:05.66  Mahmoud El Kandoussi (TUN) 4:06.28  Rachid El Basir (MAR) 4:07.09
5000 metres  Khalid Boulami (MAR) 14:26.23  Mohamed Belabbès (ALG) 14:28.10  Brahim Boudina (ALG) 14:29.24
10,000 metres  Khalid Boulami (MAR) 29:48.52  Mohamed Kamel Selmi (ALG) 29:55.92  Mohamed Difallah (ALG) 31:37.46
110 m hurdles  Noureddine Tadjine (ALG) 13.8  Mustapha Sdad (MAR) 14.2  Fadhel Khayati (TUN) 14.5
400 m hurdles  Fadhel Khayati (TUN) 49.83  Abdelhak Touhami (MAR) 50.75  Mohamed Debbab (MAR) 51.89
3000 metres steeplechase  Azzedine Brahmi (ALG) 9:28.54  Hassan Ouhrouch (MAR) 9:30.77  Mustapha Bedjaoui (MAR) 9:31.12
4 × 100 m relay  Morocco (MAR) 40.71  Algeria (ALG) 40.76  Tunisia (TUN) 42.38
4 × 400 m relay  Morocco (MAR) 3:06.53  Algeria (ALG) 3:07.35  Tunisia (TUN) 3:15.96
20,000 m walk  Mohamed Bouhalla (ALG) 1:32:41.2  H'mimed Rahouli (ALG) 1:33:20.0  Mustapha Boulal (MAR) 1:37:06.9
High jump  Othmane Belfaa (ALG) 2.20 m  Yacine Mousli (ALG) 2.05 m  Abderrahmane Taizi (MAR) 2.05 m
Pole vault  Samir Agsous (ALG) 5.05 m  Sami Si Mohamed (ALG) 5.00 m  Issam Ben Mohamed (TUN) 4.90 m
Long jump  Lotfi Khaïda (ALG) 7.65 m  Nadir Si Mohamed (ALG) 7.30 m  Mohamed El Aïd Zaghdoudi (TUN) 7.29 m
Triple jump  Lotfi Khaïda (ALG) 16.44 m  Mohamed Karim Sassi (TUN) 15.64 m  Soulimane Ouabel (ALG) 15.31 m
Shot put  Mohamed Fatihi (MAR) 16.40 m  Sami Samir (TUN) 15.96 m  Khalid Fatihi (MAR) 15.46 m
Discus throw  Yacine Louail (ALG) 50.14 m  Khalid Fatihi (MAR) 48.36 m  Salim Bekhli (ALG) 45.54 m
Hammer throw  Hakim Toumi (ALG) 67.94 m  Djamel Zouiche (ALG) 63.06 m  Hassan Chahine (MAR) 61.08 m
Javelin throw  Tarek Chaabani (TUN) 62.54 m  Ahmed Roudane (MAR) 62.06 m  Abderrahim Jannour (MAR) 60.78 m
Decathlon  Abdennacer Moumen (MAR) 7076 pts  Mourad Mahour Bacha (ALG) 7026 pts  Hassan Jaljalane (MAR) 6548 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 11.7  Nadia Abdou (ALG) 11.8  Latifa Lahcen (MAR) 12.3
200 metres  Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 24.07  Nadia Abdou (ALG) 24.85  Hend Kebaoui (TUN) 25.35
400 metres  Hend Kebaoui (TUN) 54.9  Méryem Lahmadi (MAR) 55.4  Amal Boudjelti (ALG) 56.6
800 metres  Hassiba Boulmerka (ALG) 2:04.05  Méryem Lahmadi (MAR) 2:05.32  Souad Kouhaïl (MAR) 2:10.79
1500 metres  Hassiba Boulmerka (ALG) 4:21.48  Mebarka Hadj Abdellah (ALG) 4:23.28  Méryem Lahmadi (MAR) 4:25.30
3000 metres  Souad Nakour (MAR) 9:37.13  Mebarka Hadj Abdellah (ALG) 9:42.60  Houda Chabbouh (TUN) 10:20.09
10,000 metres  Souad Nakour (MAR) 34:59.79  Dalila Mial (ALG) 35:53.72  Sonia Agoun (TUN) ???
100 m hurdles  Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 13.6  Yasmina Azzizi (ALG) 13.9  Nacèra Zaaboub (ALG) 14.0
400 m hurdles  Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 56.3  Hend Kebaoui (TUN) 59.8  Nadia Zétouani (MAR) 60.0
4 × 100 m relay  Algeria (ALG) 47.12  Morocco (MAR) 48.12  Tunisia (TUN) 49.52
4 × 400 m relay  Morocco (MAR) 3:42.80  Algeria (ALG) 3:47.54  Tunisia (TUN) 3:58.36
5000 metres walk  Samira Benaïm (ALG) 30:33.17 Only one starter
High jump  Nadia Htitou (MAR) 1.73 m  Nacèra Zaaboub (ALG) 1.73 m  Naima Houssam (MAR) 1.65 m
Long jump  Hend Kebaoui (TUN) 5.84 m  Nacèra Zaaboub (ALG) 5.77 m  Marjane Rabah (TUN) 5.73 m
Shot put  Fouzia Fatihi (MAR) 14.02 m  Latifa Nefzaoui (TUN) 13.55 m  Lamia Naouara (TUN) 13.10 m
Discus throw  Zoubida Laayouni (MAR) 54.00 m  Nabila Mouelhi (TUN) 49.42 m  Latifa Allam (MAR) 45.74 m
Javelin throw  Rkia Ramoudi (MAR) 45.70 m ??? ??? m  Ghania Touil (ALG) 27.76 m
Heptathlon  Nacèra Zaaboub (ALG) 5363 pts  Fatiha Meskaoui (MAR) 4712 pts  Naima Houssam (MAR) 4274 pts


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