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Stefan Vladislav II

For the Serbian King 1233-1243, see Stefan Vladislav. For other monarchs with similar names, see Ladislaus II (disambiguation).
Stephen Vladislav II
Vladislav at Dečani (frescoes finished in 1350).
King of Syrmia
Reign 1316-1325
Coronation 1316
Predecessor Stefan Dragutin
Successor None
Spouse Constanza Morosini
Dynasty Nemanjić dynasty
Father Stefan Dragutin
Mother Catherine of Hungary
Born 1280
Died 1325
Religion Serbian Orthodox

Vladislav, sometimes numbered Vladislav II or Stefan Vladislav II (Serbian: Стефан Владислав II; fl. 1270 - 1325) was the King of Syrmia from 1316 to 1325, and claimant to the Serbian Kingdom.

He was the son of Stefan Dragutin, who had ruled Serbia until 1282, when he became ill and abdicated, giving the superior rule to his younger brother Stefan Milutin. Dragutin continued to rule the royal domain of Syrmia, which was later succeeded by Vladislav.


Vladislav was son of king Stephen Dragutin of Serbia and Hungarian princess Catherine.

During Hungarian civil war of 1292 he has received province of Slavonia from titular Hungarian king Charles Martel of Anjou which has not controlled Slavonia. After the death of the last Arpad king of Hungary, Andrew III, he was also a contestant for the Hungarian throne, through his mother. After King Dragutin died in 1316, Vladislav succeeded him as ruler of the Kingdom of Syrmia, but the king of Serbia, Milutin, his uncle, defeated him and imprisoned him.

When Milutin died in 1321, the newly freed Vladislav got to rule the lands of his father, with the help of Hungarians and Bosnian ban Šubić.

Tsar Michael Asen III of Bulgaria, newly in conflict with Vladislav's cousin Stefan Dečanski (successor of Milutin), started to support Vladislav as the rightful monarch of whole Serbia, but this support showed insufficient.

After having been beaten again by supporters of Stefan Dečanski, he retreated to the Kingdom of Hungary in 1324. Vladislav's sororal nephew Stephen II, Ban of Bosnia, then started to rule Vladislav's lands in Bosnia (Soli and Usora), and around Lower Syrmia there were long battles between Serbs and Hungarians.

Vladislav was married to Constanza Morosini.


By Grace of Jesus Christ God, Zhupan and King of the Serbs.


  • Small encyclopedia "Sveznanje" published by "Narodno delo", Belgrade, in 1937 which is today in public domain. Part of this article might be written from the point of view of that place and time and may not reflect modern opinions or recent discoveries.
  • Drago Njegovan, Prisajedinjenje Vojvodine Srbiji, Novi Sad, 2004.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Stephen Dragutin
King of Syrmia
Succeeded by
Stephen Uroš III Dečanski of Serbia
as King of All Serbia
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