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Shoranur-Nilambur Railway Line

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Title: Shoranur-Nilambur Railway Line  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Nilambur, Melattur, Kerala, Kulukkallur, Vallapuzha
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Shoranur-Nilambur Railway Line

Nilambur–Shoranur railway line
Type Light rail
System Southern Railway
Status Operational
Locale Malappuram , Palakkad
Termini Shoranur
Stations 11
Services 7
Opening 1921
Owner Indian Railways
Operator(s) Southern Railway
Line length 66 km
Track gauge Broad gauge
Operating speed 65 km/h between SRR and MLTR and 50 km/h between MLTR and NIL.
Route map

The NilamburShoranur railway (Malayalam: നിലമ്പൂര്‍–ഷൊര്‍ണൂര്‍ ) is a branch line of the Southern Railway Zone in Kerala state and one of the shortest broad gauge railway lines in India.[1] It is a single line with 66 km length running from Shoranur Junction (in Palakkad district) to Nilambur Railway Station (in Malappuram district).[1] This station is just 4 km from the town of Nilambur on the KozhikodeOoty highway.[1] Shoranur–Nilambur Road passenger trains are running on this route.[1] It is 40 km away from Malappuram town.[2]


No. Station Name[3] Station Code [3] Coordinates
1 Shornur Junction SRR 10°45′34″N 76°16′20″E / 10.759524°N 76.272237°E / 10.759524; 76.272237

2 Vadanamkurishshi VDKS 10°47′16″N 76°15′10″E / 10.787665°N 76.252691°E / 10.787665; 76.252691

3 Vallapuzha VPZ 10°50′25″N 76°15′09″E / 10.840400°N 76.252420°E / 10.840400; 76.252420

4 Kulukkallur KZC
5 Cherukara CQA 10°55′54″N 76°13′35″E / 10.93169°N 76.226357°E / 10.93169; 76.226357

6 Angadipuram AAM 10°58′52″N 76°12′29″E / 10.981228°N 76.207931°E / 10.981228; 76.207931

7 Pattikkad PKQ 11°01′16″N 76°13′55″E / 11.021027°N 76.232082°E / 11.021027; 76.232082

8 Melattur MLTR 11°03′42″N 76°16′16″E / 11.061734°N 76.271203°E / 11.061734; 76.271203

9 Tuvvur TUV 11°07′14″N 76°16′59″E / 11.120533°N 76.283178°E / 11.120533; 76.283178

10 Thodiyappulam TDPM
11 Vaniyambalam VNB 11°11′18″N 76°15′37″E / 11.188348°N 76.260164°E / 11.188348; 76.260164

12 Nilambur Road NIL 11°16′57″N 76°15′04″E / 11.282541°N 76.251147°E / 11.282541; 76.251147


Nilambur is well known for its rich forest, and teak plantation. During the British rule, this forest used to cater to the needs of strong woods for all constructions and furniture making. This was the reason for connecting the railway line to Nilambur from Shoranur junction.[4] Another reason was to quickly transport armed forces to control Malabar Rebellion occurred in 1921. The line was opened in 1927 in stages: from Shoranur to Angadipuram on 3 February, on to Vaniyambalam on 3 August, with completion on 26 October. The line was closed on 20 January 1941, reopening due to public protest to Angadipuram in April 1953 and throughout on 15 April 1954.


The line passes through the eastern part of the Malappuram district and one can enjoy the beauty of the Nilambur forests while passing through. The line crosses Kunthippuzha between Kulukkalloor and Cherukara which borders Palakkad and Malappuram districts. Velliyar river, a major tributary of Kadalundi river (between Pattikkad and Melattur), Olippuzha river, another tributary of Kadalundi river (between Melattur and Tuvvur) and Kuthirappuzha, a tributary of Chaliyar river (between Vaniyambalam and Nilambur road) are other major rivers that this line crosses. Vaniyambalam Para, a huge granite rock is visible from the railway line which is one kilometer away from the Vaniyambalam station.

Services and facilities


  • There are 6 passenger trains on this route at present.
  • A new Express train ( Rajya Rani Express) which was announced in the 2011-12 Rail budget connecting Nilambur and the state capital,Thiruvananthapuram. It started running on 16 November 2011.

16350/49–NIL–TVC Rajya Rani Express (Daily)

  • The line also caters to the FCI godown at Angadipuram in addition to the railway mail services. Ballast goods trains are operated to carry ballast from the Vaniambalam ballast depot.


  • Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) was introduced at Nilambur and Angadipuram stations in 2008.
  • New station buildings is under construction at Nilambur and Angadipuram. UTS cum PRS is also introduced at Vaniambalam (Wandoor) in February 2009.

Train timings

Nilambur Road–Thiruvananthapuram Central Rajya Rani Express

16350/49–NIL–TVC Rajya Rani Express (Daily)


NIL–20:40, SRR–22:00/ 23:30, TVC–06:20

TVC–22:30, SRR–05:30 / 06:00, NIL–07:25

Stoppages: Vaniamabalam, Tuvvur, Melattur, Pattikad, Angadipuram, Vallapuzha and Cherukara.

Composition: 1 3A, 2 SL, 2 GS and 2 SLRs

7 coaches to be merged with Amrita Exp at SRR.

Date of introduction: 16 November 2011

Passenger train timings

Seven pairs of trains (Fourteen services) run on this route including Rajya Rani Express train from Nilambur to Thiruvananthapuram and back.

Towards Nilambur
Sl No Train Number Train Name Starting Ending Connection Trains
1 16349 Trivandrum Central–Nilambur Road Rajya Rani Link Exp. 22:30 From TVC NIL Arr 07:25 hrs
2 56611 Palakkad Jn.––Nilambur Road 05:45 AM Palakkad NIL Arr 8.40 hrs TCR-CLT Passenger
3 56613 Shoranur Jn.–Nilambur Road SRR Dep 9.20 NIL Arr 10.55 hrs ERS-CAN Intercity Express
4 56615 Ernakulam Jn– Nilambur Road ERS Dep 07.30 hrs NIL Arr 13.05 hrs TVM-CLT Janshadabdi Express
5 56617 Shoranur Jn.–Nilambur Road SRR Dep 15.05 hrs NIL Arr 16.40 hrs SRR-TVC Venad Express, TVC-MAQ Parasuram Express
6 56619 Shoranur Jn.–Nilambur Road SRR Dep 17.10 hrs NIL Arr 18.55 hrs

TVC–LTT Nethravathi

7 56621 Shoranur Jn.–Nilambur Road SRR Dep 19:30 hrs NIL Arr 21:10 hrs. CBE-TCR Passenger,ERS/ALP-CAN Executive Exp
Towards Shoranur
Sl No Train Number Train Name Starting Ending Connection Trains
1 56612 Nilambur Road–Shoranur Jn. NIL Dep 6.50hrs SRR Arr 8.30hrs CAN-ERS/ALP Executive Exp,ERS-CAN Exp,ALLP-Dhanbad Exp.
2 56614 Nilambur Road–Shoranur Jn. NIL Dep 9.10 SRR Arr 10.50 MAQ-TVC Parasuram Express HYD-TVC Sabari Exp,TVC-CLT JS,
3 56616 Nilambur Road–Shoranur Jn. NIL Dep 11.20 hrs SRR Arr 13.00hrs SRR-TVC Venad ExpressHyderabad Sabari Exp,CBE MEMU, NDLS-Mangala Exp.
4 56618 Nilambur Road–Ernakulam Jn. NIL Dep 14.55 hrs ERS Arr 20.00 hrs TVC-Lokamanya Tilak Netravati ExpressMAQ-CBE Passenger,CAN-ERS Exp
5 56610 Nilambur Road–Palakkad Jn. NIL Dep 17.00 hrs

PGT Arr:20.50 ||Connects MAQ-Chennai Mail,CBE-TCR Passenger,ALLP/ERS-CAN Exp at SRR and many mainline trains at PGT.

6 56620 Nilambur Road–Shoranur Jn NIL Dep 19:15 hrs SRR Arr 21:00hrs. Connects CAN-YPR Exp,MAQ-Chennai Exp,MAQ-TVC Express
7 16350 Nilambur Road-Trivandrum Central Rajya Rani Link Express NIL Dep 20:40 hrs TVC Arr 06:20 hrs.

The future

The Nilambur-Mysore Railway Action Council aims to link this line to Nanjangud near Mysore.(Golden I.T. Corridor) It is hoped that this line will be extended up to Mysore, with its possible route being Nilambur–Gudalur Road (Devala)–Sulthan BatheryNanjangud–Mysore. With the extension, the route would become the shortest route from Kerala to Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and North Indian cities. It is expected that the railway line would be extended by 236 km for this purpose. The engineering cum traffic survey of this line has been completed. and the estimated cost of the new line is around 3800 crores.

Sanction has been granted in principle for this line by the Railway Board and Planning Commission.

However, the major hurdles for this are:

  • The forested areas in this region, Nilgiri Biosphere.
  • Opposition due to apprehension that many trains towards north may be diverted through this new route.
  • Opposition from the bus operators running between Kerala and Bangalore.
  • Hilly terrain in the Western Ghats

Sanctioned Works

  • Development of Nilambur Railway Station by constructing new platform and second entry.
  • Complete track renewal between Nilambur and Melattur.

Other Demands

  • Allowing more trains to Coimbatore side.
  • More trains towards Trivandrum, Mangalore and Chennai

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