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Sargon Gabriel

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Title: Sargon Gabriel  
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Subject: Sargon, Assyrian people, List of Assyrians, List of Assyrian musicians, Linda George, Assyrian/Syriac folk music
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Sargon Gabriel

Sargon Gabriel
Birth name Sargon Gabriel
Born 1947
Origin Iraq Habbaniyah, Iraq
Genres Assyrian
Years active 1963 - Present
Website Sargon Gabriel Officel Website

Sargon Gabriel is a famous Assyrian musician born in Habbaniyah, Iraq.

Sargon Gabriel began singing as a teenager and made his first appearance on live television at the age of 17 in Baghdad, Iraq. He began singing backup on albums for another Assyrian singer, Albert Ruel Tamras, before starting his career as a solo singer and even did a cover of Albert Ruel Tamras's famous song, "Asmar, Asmar" in his 1987 album entitled 'Wy Wy Minnakh'. Sargon Gabriel has also been featured singing with other famous Assyrian singers including Linda George, and Janan Sawa; in fact, he helped bolster Linda George's singing career when he featured her in the track, "Dalale" in his album of the same name released in 1981. He has been singing for over thirty years and has released over twenty albums. His first album was released in 1973. His songs have become very popular in the Assyrian community upon the release of his first albums and his songs are often sung by other musicians at weddings, parties, and other social gatherings.

Sargon Gabriel's music style usually involves traditional Assyrian folk music with the instruments, dola and zurna. His music also contains more modern western musical elements.

The singer currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.


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  • Yimma Yimma (1973)
  • Atouraya (1976)
  • Nineveh (1978)
  • Shlama Aturaya (1980)
  • Dalaleh (1981)
  • Ganta D-Perdeisa (1982)
  • Khooyada D-Omta (1983)
  • Parzona (1984)
  • Sara (1985)
  • Way Way Minnakh (1987)
  • Neqda (1989)
  • Leeshana D-Yimma (1991)
  • Kertey (1992)
  • Nineveh (1994)
  • Shooshla (1996)
  • Darwid (1997)
  • The Greatest Songs (1998)
  • The Legend Continues (2002)
  • Perdaisa (2004)
  • Live In Sydney (2004)
  • Al Balee (2006)
  • Bassy Bassy (2010)
  • Shoryen Zmara (2012)

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