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Title: Maria  
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Maria may refer to:


Maria is a given name, usually for a female:

Main article: Maria (given name)
  • Maria Theresa (May 13, 1717 - November 29, 1780), was a sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia. She was the mother of Marie Antoinette who would become the last queen of France.
  • Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) (November 26, 1847 - October 13, 1928), the mother of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. She managed to survive the Russian Revolution and escape out of Russia.
  • Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (June 26, 1899 - July 17, 1918), was the daughter of Nicholas II who was the last Tsar to rule Russia. She was eventually assassinated with her family.
  • Maria (daughter of Maurice), the name of a supposed daughter of Maurice, Byzantine Emperor
  • Maria Prophetissa, Mary the Jewess, reputed founder of alchemy first mentioned by Zosimus
  • Maria (gens), a plebeian family of Ancient Rome
  • Maria Shriver, American journalist, author, former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Maria von Trapp, stepmother of the von Trapp Family Singers (upon whom, films and musicals have been based, including "The Sound of Music")

Fictional characters


Villa Maria

Language and literature

Science and technology

  • 170 Maria, a Main belt S-type asteroid discovered in 1877
  • Lunar maria, large, dark basaltic plains on Earth's Moon
  • Maria (reachability analyzer), a reachability analyzer, used in computer science for concurrent systems
  • Maria reactor, a nuclear research reactor in Poland
  • Maria (storage engine), a storage engine for MySQL (renamed Aria in 2010)
  • MariaDB, a community-developed branch of the MySQL database
  • Tropical Storm Maria (disambiguation), one of several named storms
  • MARIA XML, a model-based XML language for User Interfaces


  • SS Maria, a number of ships with this name
  • SS Maria Dan, a Danish cargo ship in service 1946-59
  • Maria (brigantine) Australian shipwreck of 1840 whose survivors were massacred.





  • They Call the Wind Maria, from the musical Paint Your Wagon
  • Maria (album), a 1995 album by Jane Siberry
  • "Maria", a 1903-4 opera by Roman Statkowski (based on poem by Polish poet, Malczewski)

Other uses

  • Maria biscuit, a type of sweet biscuit similar to a Rich Tea biscuit
  • María (film), a 1938 Mexican film directed by Chano Urueta
  • Maria (goose), a goose in Los Angeles, in the news in 2011
  • Black Maria, a dated slang term in some countries for a police wagon

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