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List of bridges in Toronto

The Prince Edward Viaduct, a popular bridge in Toronto

This is a list of bridges in the city of Toronto, Canada.


  • Ravine and river bridges 1
    • Don River 1.1
    • East Don River 1.2
    • Taylor Massey Creek 1.3
    • West Don River 1.4
    • Humber River 1.5
    • Other 1.6
    • Overpasses 1.7
    • Railway overpasses 1.8
    • Railway tracks 1.9
    • Pedestrian bridges 1.10
  • Other bridges over waterways 2
    • Buried bridges 2.1
    • Lost bridges 2.2
  • See also 3
  • References 4

Ravine and river bridges

List of bridges over rivers, creeks and valleys:

Don River

Bridges over the Don River ravine, listed from south to north

Eastern Avenue (old King Street) Bridge
Gerrard Street over DVP
  • pedestrian bridge connecting east and west sides of Riverdale Park
  • Railway bridge
  • Prince Edward Viaduct carrying Bloor Street and the Bloor–Danforth line
    • Rosedale Valley Bridge
  • Bloor Bayview Ramp for Don Valley Parkway access c. 1960
  • Half Mile Railway Bridge c. 1928
  • Pottery Road pre-1950
  • Railway bridge
  • Beechwood Drive bridge, part of Don Valley bicycle trail
  • Railway Bridge
  • Leaside Bridge

East Don River

  • St. Clair Viaduct
  • Don Mills Road
  • Bridge providing road access to E.T. Seton Park
  • Don Valley Parkway
  • Railway bridge
  • Bridge in Flemingdon Park Golf Club (south)
  • Bridge in Flemingdon Park Golf Club (north)
  • Eglinton Avenue bridge
  • Railway bridge, north-south line - 3 crossings
  • Railway bridge, east-west line
  • Lawrence Avenue - replaced smaller concrete arch bridge, formerly Bayview Avenue Bridge
  • Don Valley Parkway
  • Donalda Golf and Country Club - 11 bridges
  • York Mills Road bridge
  • Don Mills Road bridge
  • Duncan Mill Road bridge
  • Pedestrian bridge
  • Hogg's Hollow Bridge, MacDonald-Cartier Freeway (401)
  • Sheppard Avenue & Leslie Street Intersection
  • Railway bridge
  • Finch Avenue East just west of Leslie Street
  • Cummer Avenue bridge
  • Steeles Avenue East just west of Bayview Avenue
  • Steeles Avenue East just east of Leslie Street

Taylor Massey Creek

Taylor Massey Creek is a tributary of the East Don River.

  • Don Valley Parkway bridge
  • O'Connor Drive Woodbine Bridge - c. 1931 large concrete arch bridge
  • Victoria Park Avenue bridge
  • Pharmacy Avenue bridge

West Don River

  • Overlea Blvd bridge
  • Railway bridge
  • Eglinton Avenue East bridge
  • Bayview Avenue north of Lawrence Avenue East
Bayview Avenue over West Don
Sheppard Avenue West over West Don near Bathurst Street
  • 401 bridges west of Weston Road carries west and east bound traffic

Humber River

  • Finch Avenue and Islington Avenue - twin intersecting bridges Humber River
  • Rowntree Mill Road Bridge - former road bridge for Rowntree Mill Road Over Humber River, now pedestrian traffic only
  • Highway 27
  • Martin Grove Road
  • Kipling Avenue
  • Albion Road
  • The Queensway
  • Steeles Avenue West over the Humber River (west of Islington Avenue)
  • Scarlett Road
  • St Phillip's Road
  • Old Mill Bridge spanning Humber River, connecting Old Mill Rd. and Catherine St. c. 1916
  • Bloor Humber Bridge - c. 1923


  • Wallace Avenue Foot Bridge c. 1907
  • SkyWalk connecting Union Station to the CN Tower
  • Cherry Street Bridge over the Keating Shipping Channel
  • Kingston Road over the Rouge River
  • Mount Pleasant Road north of Blythwood Road over Blythwood Ravine Park
  • Markham Road between Lawrence Avenue East and Eglinton Avenue East (West Highland Creek, part of the Highland Creek watershed)
  • Bathurst Street over Cedarvale Park (Castle Frank Brook)
  • Rouge River Bridge carrying Highway 401 over the Rouge River
  • Bridge carrying Tywn Rivers Drive over the Rouge River
  • Bridge carrying Kirkham Road over the Rouge River - closed
  • Bridges (2) carrying Meadowvale Road over the Rouge River
  • Bridge carrying Steeles Avenue over the Rouge River
  • Railway bridge and pedestrian bridge over the mouth of the Rouge River
  • Sewells Road Suspense Bridge carries single lane of traffic over Rouge River
  • Shoreham Drive over Black Creek
  • Overpasses on Jane Street over Black Creek - north of Wilson Avenue and south of Highway 401
  • Overpass over Black Creek at Humber Boulevard and Weston Road
  • Bridge over Black Creek at Alliance Avenue and Hilldale Road
  • Bridge over Black Creek on Rockcliffe Boulevard


List of bridges or overpasses over other roadways:

Railway overpasses

List of bridges over railway lines (to avoid need for at grade level crossings):

  • Highway 27 (Ontario) south of Steeles Avenue West over CN tracks
  • Markham Road north of Sheppard Avenue East over CP tracks
  • Eglinton Avenue East between Midland Avenue and Kennedy Road over CN tracks
  • Lawrence Avenue East between Midland Avenue and Kennedy Road over CN tracks
  • Ellesmere Road between Midland Avenue and Kennedy Road over CN tracks
  • CN tracks over Black Creek Drive north of Weston Road
  • CN tracks over Queen Street West between Gladstone Avenue and Dufferin Street
  • Dowling Avenue Bridge over CN and GO cooridor near Dowling Avenue
  • Dunn Avenue ridge over CN and GO cooridor near Dunn Avenue
  • Spadina Avenue over tracks north of Gardiner Expressway - replaced an earlier metal through girder bridge that was replaced when the Spadian streetcar route was rebuilt.
Spadina bridge in 1927
  • Dufferin Street Truss Bridge a double span over the Gardiner Expressway (c.1958) and over the rail cooridor (steel arch bridge c.1911-12); latter to be demolished for new structure after 2016.[1][2]
  • Yonge Street Railway Overpass near St. Clair Avenue

Railway tracks

A railway bridge spanning Don River (west branch) and E.T. Seton Park, south of Eglinton Avenue East
  • railway tracks at Leslie Street south of Ontario Highway 401
  • railway tracks over Wickett Creek south of Eglinton Avenue East and Leslie Street
  • railway tracks over Wickett Creek east of Leslie Street on Eglinton Avenue East
  • railway tracks over Baview Avenue at Don Valley Brick Works
  • railway tracks over Rouge River at Lake Ontario
  • railway tracks over Sheppard Avenue East between Brimley Road and Midland Avenue
  • railway tracks over Rouge River at Morningside Heights
  • railway tracks over Rouge River near Meadowvale Road and Plug Hat Road
  • railway tracks over Humber River at Lambton Park
  • railway tracks over Humber River between The Queensway and Gardiner Expressway
  • railway tracks over Humber River at Old Mills Inn
  • railway tracks over Humber River at Weston Golf and Country Club
  • railway tracks over Don Mills Road south of Barber Green Road
  • railway tracks over Leslie Street south of Highway 401
  • railway tracks over Finch Avenue East west of Leslie Street

Pedestrian bridges

See also[3]

Pedestrian bridge on Toronto Islands
  • Amsterdam Bridge
  • Glen Cedar Road Bridge
  • Glen Manor Drive Bridge (connecting Pine Glen Road and Williamson Road over Glen Stewart Ravine in the Beaches neighbourhood)
  • Glen Road Bridge (over Rosedale Valley Road)
  • Heath Street East (over Mud Creek Ravine)
  • Humber Bay Arch Bridge
  • Innes Avenue (over railway line to Prescott Ave)
  • Lake Shore Boulevard Bailey Bridge
  • MacLennan Avenue pedestrian bridge ("The Ramp", over railway tracks and Carstowe Road)
  • Mimico Creek Bridge (Santiago Calatrava)
  • Old Finch Avenue Bailey Bridge
  • Wallace Avenue Footbridge
  • Puente de Luz (Bridge of Light) from CityPlace, Toronto to Front Street West
  • Farr Avenue bridge over Finch Avenue West east of Kipling Avenue (connects broken sections of Farr Avenue)
  • Pedestrian bridge over Shoreham Drive east of Jane Street
  • Pedestrian bridge over tracks - Pape Avenue N. of Gerrard

Other bridges over waterways

Numerous bridges on the Toronto Islands including:

  • Algonquin Island bridge
  • South Island Bridge
  • Centre Island Bridge (on Avenue of the Islands)
  • Olympic Island Bridge (2)
  • Unwin Avenue Bridge - single land bailey bridge (new replacing original) located in the Portlands area for vehicular traffic over outlet for the former Hearn Generating Station and now twinned with new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists (replacing small walkway built next to bailey bridge).[4]

Buried bridges

Lost bridges

  • Lawrence Avenue Bridge - concrete bridge replaced by overpass over DVP; bridge removed with east and west abutments are still present
  • Avenue Road Bridge - connecting Avenue Road to Yonge Street bridge replaced by Hogg's Hollow Bridge
  • Yonge Street Bridge - steel truss bridge south of Hogg's Hollow (York Mills Road) carried Yonge Street traffic over West branch of the Don River and North Yonge Railways until 1954 when it washed out during Hurricane Hazel. A temporary bailey bridge was built after November 1954 and now replaced by current overpass[5]

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