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Family name
Meaning Freedman
Region of origin Italy
Language(s) of origin Italian
Related names Di Liberto, Di Liberti, Diliberto, Diliberti, Liberace, Liberaci, Liberato, Liberatori, Liberati, Liberti, Libertini, Libertino, Libertucci
Gender Male
Language(s) Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Word/name Libertus
Meaning Freedman
Region of origin Europe (Italy, Spain, and Portugal) and Latin America
Other names
Variant form(s) Libero
Derived Libertino

Liberto is both a given name and a surname of Italian descent.[1]


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The term liberto derives from Greek: ἀπελεύθεροι, which means a freed slave. In ancient Greece, those freed slaves had various kinds of obligations toward their former owners and they did not have full citizens rights.

In ancient Rome they were called Latin: libertus, a freedman (feminine: liberta) or an emancipated person who acts for and on behalf of its former master, who became his patron (Latin: patronus). During the Empire period and after the judgment of a magistrate they were freed from a Latin: iusta servitus. Despite being freed by manumission and acquiring the Roman citizenship and a legal personality, they did not have the same legal rights of the free-born and were excluded from the main offices, maintaining a subordinate position and many obligations on behalf of their former masters, which can be summarized in three duties: Latin: obsequium (obedience; respecting the patron as a father), Latin: operae (work), and Latin: bona (honesty; masters maintain the right of inheritance). This status could be revoked by Latin: revocatio in servitutem propter ingratitudinem. During the late imperial period a liberto can achieve the full status of naive by Latin: natalium restitution.[2]

However, the name Liberto has also been traced to the unrelated Germanic name Albrecht.[1]

Notable people

Notable people with the surname include American homemaker Vivian Liberto, who was the first wife of country singer-songwriter Johnny Cash, and the mother of singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash. Its derivative form Diliberto includes Italian politician Oliviero Diliberto.

Notable people with the given name include Liberto Corney, an Uruguayan boxer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics, and Liberto dos Santos, a Portuguese footballer who played as forward.

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