Lady Hathor

Lady Hathor is a music agent and business consultant for Hathor Unlimited, LLC[1] based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Lady Hathor,[2] otherwise known as Tammy Payne, has been an artist manager, booking agent, promoter and A&R head for almost a decade.


Previously a licensed and registered demolition contractor, Tammy Payne, who in her spare time was also a stagehand and special project assistant to a Senior Sound Engineer/Pyrotechnics Engineer with events ranging from a High School Graduation Ceremony to the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Concert and Awards Stage.

The name Lady Hathor originated from the stories of the Goddess Hathor, who is an ancient Egyptian Goddess of music and dance, among other things. The name represented a title Lady of Hathor due to her constant involvement in the music industry including her love for dancing and so it began that, in the industry, Lady Hathor was the only name Tammy Payne went by and everyone came to recognize her by that name.


Lady Hathor was first introduced into the music industry in early 2001 working with a melodic rock band called Noyze. She did everything from building their website to writing lyrics to assisting in production of their music. Lady Hathor was with Noyze from inception, going through many band members[3] until the right mix was found by late 2006. Noyze was later signed by Tan Banana Records, Inc. in 2007 and Lady Hathor had walked away. By mid-2009 the group Noyze had disbanded.

In 2002, Lady Hathor began working with an international touring artist, the Carvin Jones Band. Lady Hathor continues to work closely with the Carvin Jones Band.

Lady Hathor remained working in public relations and sales until her career took off into booking agent and promotions. Soon she started managing and representing many of Arizona’s top bands.

Tammy Payne was affiliated with and often requested to help organize and consult with events for a non-profit off-road organization called Moto-Trax. As the head of the special events committee[4] and the volunteer coordinator, her accomplishments attracted offers throughout the music industry and she became a major player in the west coast booking circuit.

By January 2007 Lady Hathor was representing an 11 year old guitar phenomenon, Jack Ripper. In 2008 the Phoenix New Times listed Jack Ripper as one of the top ten guitar players in Phoenix.

Mid 2008, Lady Hathor produced a radio show called On Demand providing interviews [5] with artists such as Alex Grossi, George Lynch, Hogjaw, Krash Karma and Tattooed Millionaires which was aired on Full Metal Review Live receiving appreciation from Broadcast Asylum Radio and WyldSide Radio.

Branching out in 2008, you could often find Lady Hathor sponsoring drivers [6] for off-road and mud bogging events at the Prescott Valley Raceway which won her several trophies and awards but that venture was short lived as her health began to deteriorate putting her in hiatus for over a year.


Lady Hathor, throughout her career, has represented and/or worked with bands such as Hogjaw, Vayden, Jeordie (daughter of the folk singer Melanie), Alexis A. Moore,[7] Vinyl Revival and Rue Morgue. And artists such as Jumpin Joe DeCelle, Chad MacDonald, Michael Brahm, and many other artists.

As of August 2010 Lady Hathor is currently still working in the music industry with Hathor Unlimited, LLC which was founded in 2008 and can still be found supporting local music and doing interviews with up and coming artists as well as 80's to today rock legends, which is available on iTunes.[8] Her newest adventure is booking and PR for a venue called High Octane Lounge out of Surprise Arizona.[9] [10]


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