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Ibero-America comprises the countries in the Equatorial Guinea, in Central Africa,[1][2] but not the Portuguese-speaking African countries.

The prefix Ibero- refers to the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, which includes Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Gibraltar. Ibero-America includes all Spanish-speaking countries in North, Central, and South America, plus the Portuguese-speaking country of Brazil. The exclusion of the French-speaking country of Haiti, the French overseas departments of French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe, and the French collectivities of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy differentiates Ibero-America from Latin America.

Since 1991, the Ibero-American Summit meeting of the heads of state and government of the Ibero-American countries, including Spain, Portugal and Andorra.[3][4]


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Countries and population in Europe and the Americas

Hispanoluso writers.
  • Spanish-speaking: (430,567,462 speakers)
Argentina 42,669,500
Bolivia 10,556,102
Chile 17,772,871
Colombia 47,425,437
Costa Rica 4,586,353
Cuba 11,167,325
Dominican Republic 9,445,281
Ecuador 15,223,680
El Salvador 6,134,000
Guatemala 15,806,675
Honduras 8,249,574
Mexico 118,395,054
Nicaragua 6,071,045
Panama 3,608,431
Paraguay 6,800,284
Peru 30,814,175
Puerto Rico 3,667,084
Spain 46,704,314
Uruguay 3,324,460
Venezuela 28,946,101
  • Portuguese-speaking: (211,520,003 speakers)
Brazil 201,032,714
Portugal 10,487,289

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