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French Brazilian

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Title: French Brazilian  
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Subject: French diaspora, French Chilean, Belgian Brazilian, Swiss Brazilian, French Uruguayan
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French Brazilian

French Brazilian
Total population
c. 1,000,000(French Embassy in Brasilia) [1]
Regions with significant populations
Belo Horizonte, Curitiba
Portuguese, French
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Other Brazilian and French people
other White Brazilian as Belgian, Luxembourg, German, Swiss, Austrian, Greek, Arab, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Brazilians

French Canadian, French American, French Argentine, French Mexican, French Uruguayan

A French Brazilian (French: Franco-Brésilien, Portuguese: Franco-brasileiro or Galo-brasileiro) is a Brazilian citizen of full, partial, or predominantly French ancestry, or a French-born person residing in Brazil. Between 1850 and 1965 around 100,000 French people immigrated to Brazil. The country received the second largest number of French immigrants to South America after Argentina (239,000). It is estimated that there are 1 million Brazilians of French descent today.[1]

French immigration to Brazil

From 1819 to 1940, 40,383 Frenchmen immigrated to Brazil. Most of them settled in the country between 1884 and 1925 (8,008 from 1819 to 1883, 25,727 from 1884 to 1925, 6,648 from 1926 to 1940). Another source estimates that around 100,000 French people immigrated to Brazil between 1850 and 1965.

The French community in Brazil numbered 592 in 1888 and 5,000 in 1915.[2] It was estimated that 14,000 Frenchmen were living in Brazil in 1912, 9% of the 149,400 Frenchmen living in Latin America, the second largest community after Argentina (100,000).[3] Notable Corsican people immigrated to Brazil after came by Puerto Rico.

The French Embassy in Brasília claims that 100,000 French immigrated to Brazil between from 1865 to 1950.[2]

French Colonies


Brazil has the following French international schools:

Notable French Brazilians

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