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Fo Tan (Chinese: 火炭) is a suburb of Sha Tin District, Hong Kong. It was developed as a light industrial area, but this activity has declined markedly in recent years. There are residential areas to the east, alongside the MTR line, and in the foothills to the west. In Hakka, "river beach" (Chinese: 河灘) pronounced that "Fo Tan".


Fo Tan is located near a river. Beach was revealed when the water receded. It thus became known as "river beach" (Chinese: 河灘). In Hakka, this was pronounced "Fo Tan". It was later mistakenly called "Fire Beach" (Chinese: 火灘) due to similarities in pronunciation. This has further changed into "Fire Charcoal" (Chinese: 火炭) which is in current use, again due to similarities in pronunciation.


To the south is Sha Tin New Town, with the small community of Wo Che in between. To the north is Kau To and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Nearby to the east is Sha Tin Racecourse while across the Shing Mun River is City One Shatin.

Artistic community

Since 2001, as industrial businesses have closed and moved to China, more than 70 units in the utilitarian industrial blocks have reopened as artists' studios, creating a vibrant if well hidden local arts scene. Every January, a festival, Fotanian - Open Studio Programme, sees many of the studios open to the public. Guided walks lead visitors to these normally private working studios, which encompass a wide range of media and styles.[1]


Public housing estates

Private housing estates

Private housing estates in Fo Tan include:

  • Royal Ascot
  • Jubilee Garden
  • Scenery Garden
  • Shatin 33
  • The Grandville
  • The Palazzo


Since Fo Tan is historically an industrial town. Although nowadays industrial buildings are renovated for commercial use, most restaurants appears in the form of family-run canteens and fast food take-away located inside these industrial buildings.

The most well-known dining choices can be found in the form of open-air food stalls (dai pai dong). Fo Tan produces one of the best Hong Kong-style chicken congee. Shatin Galleria is another place for light-lunch choices, where chain restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, and Starbucks is located.

With the comparatively newly built residential area, restaurants can also be found inside the small shopping centres in Royal Ascot, the Palazzo, and Jubilee Garden.

The nearby Chinese University of Hong Kong campus also hosts a variety of restaurants for students and campus visitors. Close to its main entrance in Tai Po Road, the Benjamin Frankfurt Centre provides fast food style food court maintained by Cafe de Coral, Chinese Style dumplings and noodles maintained by the Maxim Group and a McCafe. A T.G.I. Friday can also be find in the lower campus in Chung Chi College. Up on the hill in New Asia College, KFC and a sushi bar is also available for take out.



A.S. Watson Group has its head office in the Watson House (號屈臣氏中心, J: wat1 san4 si6 zung1 sam1, P: Qūchénshì Zhōngxīn) in Fo Tan.[2][3]



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