Energy holdings group

Energy Holdings Group, Inc.
Industry Oil and Gas
Founded 2004
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Key people Howard Heewon Park, President & CEO
Products Gas, Oil
Employees 13 (2013)

Energy Holdings Group, Inc. (EHG) established in Feb., 2004 is the first Korean energy & resources investment and technical consulting company. EHG operates technical/economic evaluation of potential projects, transaction advisory services, strategic development planning, fund raising, PM & field operation and R&D and provides key services to E&P companies, corporates, financial institutions and investment consulting companies that enter the E&P business. EHG also consults POF/PEF projects in Korea's energy resources investment area and brokers the investment of private/banking companies and offers ideal models of E&P business that incorporate the banking through project analyzing/evaluation consulting as well as industry training and education services.


EHG has conducted various research and investment consulting services on many oil & gas projects in USA, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Peru, Libya, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia and Oman. EHG have launched the country’s first E&P private equity fund (PEF) for Texas Barnett shale producing property whose investors are major financial institutes in Korea. EHG is to give consultation about the technical side of the fund's investment for additional field development.

EHG has rich business experiences and network based on first-tier experts among other domestic energy technical consulting companies. EHG has been providing almost 80% of the oil and gas investment consulting to both state-owned and private companies until now. EHG consists of 4 PhDs and 1 MS degree holding professionals in energy resources engineering where all professional partners previously had ample experiences, more than 10 years, from corporates and national research institutes. EHG also operates business through making partnerships with U.S. independent E&P companies and consulting service firms (reserve appraisal companies, law firms, accounting corporates, brokerage companies, banks, etc.) for resource investments. YTD 2013, EHG has conducted investment advisory services for major Korean banks, conglomerates, etc. for the acquisition and investment of E&P projects with the total size of U.S. $1 Billion.

In addition, EHG's president, Howard Heewon Park, has launched the first Korea Petroleum Club in March 22, 2013 to get financial institutions, politicians, press and academics together to discuss about oil & gas industry, the market trend, etc. The members consist of executive level personnel from NOCs (i.e. KNOC, KOGAS, etc.), major companies (i.e. Samsung, LG, GS, Daewoo, etc.), law firms, service companies, etc.

Korea is the 5th largest oil-importing country in the world with increasing interest in overseas E&P business.


  • Korea Energy Investment, LLC (located in Houston)
  • Eco Research Group, Inc.
  • Drilling Service International, Inc.
  • Energy Innovation Partners, Inc.


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