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Title: Cherukunnu  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Places of worship in Kannur district, Morazha, Kannur district, North Malabar, Thidambu Nritham
Collection: Cities and Towns in Kannur District, Districts of Kerala, Kannur
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Little Hill
A monsoon scene from Cherukunnu
A monsoon scene from Cherukunnu
Cherukunnu is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Country  India
State Kerala

Kannur ( Malayalam: കണ്ണൂര് Tamil: கண்ணூர்

Hindi: कण्णूर )
Talukas Kannur
 • Body Panchayat (First Grade)
 • Total 15.37 km2 (5.93 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 16,246
 • Density 1,057/km2 (2,740/sq mi)
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 670301
Telephone code 497286****
Vehicle registration KL-13
Sex ratio 1174 /
Literacy 90.41%
Lok Sabha constituency Kasaragode
Vidhan Sabha constituency Kalliasseri
Civic agency Panchayat (First Grade)
Climate pleasant (Köppen)

Cherukunnu is a census town in the Kannur district of North Malabar region in the Indian state of Kerala.[1][2]


  • Demographics 1
  • Etymology 2
  • Main Hills 3
  • History 4
  • Culture and Geography 5
    • Thavam Church 5.1
    • Oliyankara Juma Masjid 5.2
    • Annapoorneshwari Temple 5.3
    • Mission Hospital 5.4
  • Administration 6
  • Education 7
  • Arts 8
  • Major towns 9
    • Major Towns 9.1
  • Major Industries 10
  • Politics 11
  • Major Attractions 12
  • Travel 13
    • By Air 13.1
    • By Train 13.2
    • By Bus 13.3
  • Malayalam Wiki link ചെറുകുന്ന് 14
  • References 15


As of 2011 India Census, Cherukunnu had a population of 16,111, with 7,153 males and 8,958 females.[3]

Cherukunnu is a tiny village tucked on Kannur-Payyannur hi-ve, situated near Pazhayangadi in Kannur District of North Malabar region in Kerala. [1][2]


The name Cherukunnu means Little Hill (“cheru-ചെറു”=Little and “kunnu-കുന്ന്”=hill). There are about five very small hills surrounding this place. The name Cherukunnu is believed to have been derived owing to the presence of these Hills. However, as per a local Hindu mythological belief, the "Choru-Kunnu" (heap of cooked rice) which is made just before the daily "Annadhaanam" (free feast) at Annapoorneswari Temple gave the place this name.

Main Hills

  • Kaarakkunnu,
  • Keezharakkunnu,
  • Paadiyil-Kunnu,
  • Chedangeel-Kunnu and
  • Kunnanangad-Kunnu


During Kolathiri rule, Cherukunnu was under their reign. Later, Tipu Sultan adjoined this area as part of Kingdom of Mysore. The British Raj put this place under Chirakkal Taluk of Malabar District in Madras Presidency. Presently this is a village of Kannur District of Kerala State.

Culture and Geography

Greater part of this village is surrounded by Backwater. The thuruths (small islands) of "Ayiram Thengau" and "Mungam" are places of interest known for scenic beauty. This village shares borders with Kannapuram to the south, Madayi to the north, Mattool to the west, Ezhome and Pattuvam to the east.[4]

Cherukunnu (ചെറുകുന്ന്) is famous for:

Thavam Church

The Thavam Church is a famous Roman Catholic Church of North Malabar. This church is very old which proclamates the presence of Christians in North Malabar since ancient days. This is a heritage place for North Malabar Roman Catholic society. This church is under the Diocese of Kannur. This church is located at Thavam; between Cherukunnu and Pazhayangadi, around 17 km from Kannur, 19 km from Taliparamba and 15 km from Payyannur.[5]

pazhayangadi is the nearest rail head.

Other Roman Catholic churches of Cherukunnu are at Kattakulam, Paadiyil Ferry and Kavinisseri (Christhukunnu).

A Paddy field in Cherukunnu

Oliyankara Juma Masjid

Oliyankara Juma Masjid (Hazrath Valiyullahi (RA)), a Famous Dargah Shareef of Sahaba-e-Ikhram (Sufi Saints/Auliyas) is an important Mosque of North Malabar. It is believed that the priests in ancient days gave importance to the Hindu Gods at this Mosque. The Mosque is at Pallichal near Cherukunnu town, around 14 km from Kannur, 16 km from Taliparamba and 18 km from Payyannur. This is a location of a famous sufi grave, visited by people of all religions.[6]

Kannapuram is the nearest rail head.

Annapoorneshwari Temple

At this Temple, Lord Krishna is collocated with Sree Annapoorneswari. It is believed that Sree Annapoorneswari has visited this shrine which was under the sea. There is a mythological belief that this shrine was elevated by Lord Parashurama. The temple is near Cherukunnu town, around 14 km from Kannur, 16 km from Taliparamba and 18 km from Payyannur. A large chira (swimming pool) also can be spotted near this temple.[8]

In April every year, various religious and ritual and entertainment activities, including spectacle fireworks, are showed at this Temple to during the celebration of Vishu Villakulsavam.[9]

Kannapuram is the nearest rail head.

Mission Hospital

Mission Hospital alias (St. Martin de Porres Hospital) is a very famous hospital of this region. Presently this hospital is equipped with all modern ultra medical facilities and is also a super speciality hospital having 24 hours Casualty and Trauma Care Centre. The Leprosy Department of this hospital provides free of cost treatment to Leprosy patients. This hospital is attached with a Nursing College viz. "Canossian College of Nursing" run by "Canossian Daughters of Charity" Convent Cherukunnu.[10][11][12]


Thavam Church


The average literacy rate is more than 90%. The important schools of Cherukunnu are:

  • Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School
  • Govt. Welfare Higher Secondary School
  • Govt. Board School
  • Othayammadam UP School
  • Thavam Devi Vilasam LP School
  • Bakkitha Canossa English Medium School

The important Colleges are:

Cherukunnu Sree Annapoorneswari Temple


Cherukunnu plays a vital role in nourishing the arts and culture of Kannur District, and is home to various Arts & Music Institutions, which are popular in district level

Major towns

Major Towns

  • Kathirvaykum Thara
  • Pallichal
  • Koovappuram
  • Vellarangeel
  • Punnacherry
  • Thavam.
  • Kavinisseri
  • Padiyil
  • Kunnanangad
  • Ambalappuram
  • Othayammadam
  • Thekkumbad
  • Mungam
  • Kattakkulam
  • Dalil
  • Muttil
  • Mundappuram
  • Poongavu
A scene from Cherukunnu Vishu Vilakkulsavam

A Firework in progress during Cherukunnu Ulsavam

Major Industries

The major industries are:

The majority of the people of this village depend on the income from Middle East Gulf Countries, as well as the varied local industries.


After re-constituting; Cherukunnu is under Kalliasseri Assembly constituency which is part of Kasaragod (Lok Sabha constituency). Earlier, this place was under Azhikode Assembly constituency which is part of Kannur (Lok Sabha constituency). Presently, the following persons represents this Village on behalf of its people.[13]

Cherukunnu Panchayath
PanchayatPresident M.L.A.
Mr. TV Rajesh

Major Attractions

  • Islands of Ayiram Thengu and Mungam
  • Chira at Annapoorneswari Temple
  • Scenes -specially of river- from small hills of Padiyil, Kavinisseri and Kunnanangadu.


By Air

  • The nearest Airports are Calicut at the South, approx. 135 km and Mangalore at the north, approx. 140 km. A new Airport viz. "Kannur International Airport" is under construction at Mattannur (മട്ടന്നൂര്) at an approximate distance of 40 km east.[14]

By Train

  • Nearest major Railway Station is Kannur and other nearest Railways Stations are Kannapuram and Pazhayangadi.

Important Trains (Stops At)


  • 1) All the trains originating from Mangalore/Trivandrum and bound for Trivandrum/Mangalore respectively stop at both Kannapuram and Pazhayangadi Railway Stations.
  • 2) All passenger trains including Mangalore-Chennai Egmore Express stops at both stations.
  • 3) All the trains runs through this line including New Delhi-Trivandrum Rajdhani Express, stops at Kannur[15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]

By Bus

  • From Kannur: Board any bus going to Pazhayangadi
  • From Taliparamba : Board any bus going toCherukunnu Thara
  • From Payyannur Board any bus going to Kannur via Pazhayangadi

Malayalam Wiki link ചെറുകുന്ന്


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