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Title: Agnelli  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Derby d'Italia, Polo Sant'Anna Valdera, Exor (company), Italian-language surnames, Alain Elkann
Collection: Italian-Language Surnames
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Agnelli is a surname, and can refer to:

  • Members of the Agnelli industrial and business family of northern Italy, including:
    • Edoardo Agnelli (1831-1871), Italian entrepreneur and politician, father of Giovanni (1866–1945)
    • Aniceta Agnelli (1846-1920) born Aniceta Frisetti, wife of Edoardo Agnelli (1831-1871)
      • Giovanni Agnelli (1866–1945), Italian manufacturer and co-founder of Fiat in 1899, FIAT chief 1900-1945
      • Clara Agnelli (1869 - 1946) born Clara Boselli, wife of Giovanni (1866–1945)
        • Edoardo Agnelli (1892–1935), Italian industrialist, son of Giovanni
        • Virginia Agnelli (1899–1945) born Donna Virginia Bourbon del Monte, Italian princess, wife of Edoardo (1892-1935)
          • Clara Agnelli (1920 - ), mother of Prince Egon von Fürstenberg and Princess Ira von Fürstenberg, eldest daughter of Edoardo (1892-1935)
          • Gianni Agnelli (1921–2003), the influential Italian industrialist and FIAT chairman 1966-2003, eldest son of Edoardo (1892-1935)
          • Marella Agnelli (1927 -) born Donna Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto, Italian princess and style icon, wife of Gianni
            • Edoardo Agnelli (1954-2000), named after grandfather, only son of Gianni
            • Margherita Agnelli (1955-), married first to Alain Elkann, but now to Count Sergei de Pahlen, only daughter of Gianni
              • John Elkann (1976 - ), chosen heir to FIAT and the Agnelli dynasty, elder son of Margherita
              • Lapo Elkann (1977 - ), FIAT executive and younger son of Margherita
              • Ginevra Elkann (1979 - ), only daughter of Margherita
          • Susanna Agnelli (1922–2009), Italian politician and first female Foreign Minister of Italy, 2nd daughter of Edoardo (1892-1935)
          • Maria Sole Agnelli (1925 - ), 3rd daughter of Edoardo (1892-1935)
          • Cristiana Agnelli (1927 - ), wife of Count Brandolino Brandolini d'Adda, 4th daughter of Edoardo (1892-1935)
          • Giorgio Agnelli (1929-1965), 2nd son of Edoardo (1892-1935)
          • Umberto Agnelli (1934–2004), Italian industrialist and politician, FIAT chairman 2003-2004, 3rd son of Edoardo (1892-1935)

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