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2009 Recopa Sudamericana

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Title: 2009 Recopa Sudamericana  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Recopa Sudamericana, 2010 Recopa Sudamericana, Claudio Bieler, 2011 Recopa Sudamericana, Football in Ecuador
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2009 Recopa Sudamericana

2009 Recopa Sudamericana
First leg
Date June 25, 2009
Venue Estádio José Pinheiro Borba (Beira-Rio), Porto Alegre
Referee Juan Soto (Venezuela)
Attendance 30,284
Second leg
Date July 9, 2009
Venue Estadio Casa Blanca, Quito
Referee Carlos Chandía (Chile)

The 2009 Recopa Sudamericana was the 17th Recopa Sudamericana, an annual football match between the winners of the previous season's Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana competitions.

The match was contested by Ecuadorian club LDU Quito, the 2008 Copa Libertadores champion, and Brazilian club Internacional, the 2008 Copa Sudamericana champion. LDU Quito won both games of the Recopa 1–0 and 3–0, respectively. This is their first Recopa Sudamericana title and their second international title.

Qualified teams

Team Previous finals appearances (bold indicates winners)
Internacional 2007
LDU Quito None


First leg

June 25, 2009
21:50 (UTC-3)
Internacional 0–1 LDU Quito
Report Bieler Goal 57'
LDU Quito
GK 1 Lauro
DF 2 Bolívar Red card 72'
DF 3 Índio Booked 44'
DF 14 Danny
SB 16 Marcelo Cordeiro
MF 8 Sandro Substituted off 84'
MF 5 Pablo Guiñazú (c) Booked 49'
MF 17 Andrezinho Booked 37' Substituted off 57'
FW 10 Andrés D'Alessandro
FW 7 Taison
FW 19 Alecsandro Substituted off 65'
GK 12 Michel Alves
DF 4 Álvaro
DF 13 Danilo Substituted in 84'
MF 18 Giuliano Substituted in 57'
MF 20 Glaydson
FW 21 Leandrão Substituted in 69'
MF 24 Luis Bolaños
GK 22 Alexander Domínguez
DF 23 Jairo Campos Booked 44'
DF 2 Norberto Araujo
DF 3 Renán Calle Booked 50' Substituted off 78'
MF 13 Néicer Reasco Booked 75'
DF 5 Ulises de la Cruz Booked 38'
MF 8 Patricio Urrutia (c)
MF 20 Enrique Vera
FW 10 Christian Lara Substituted off 70'
DF 4 Paúl Ambrosi Booked 65'
FW 16 Claudio Bieler Substituted off 84'
GK 1 José Francisco Cevallos
MF 6 Pedro Larrea Substituted in 84'
MF 7 Miller Bolaños
FW 9 Walter Calderón
MF 15 William Araujo
FW 19 Claudio Graf Substituted in 70'
MF 24 Carlos Espínola Substituted in 78'
Jorge Fossati

Assistant referees:
Rafael Yanez
Mayker Gómez
Fourth official:
Gerardo Quintero

Second leg

July 9, 2009
19:50 (UTC-5)
LDU Quito 3–0 Internacional
Espínola Goal 10'
Bieler Goal 40'
E. Vera Goal 57'
LDU Quito
GK 22 Alexander Domínguez Substituted off 63'
MF 13 Néicer Reasco
DF 23 Jairo Campos
DF 24 Carlos Espínola Booked 1'
DF 2 Norberto Araujo Booked 77'
MF 4 Paul Ambrosi
MF 8 Patricio Urrutia (c)
MF 20 Enrique Vera Substituted off 81'
MF 5 Ulises de la Cruz
MF 10 Christian Lara Substituted off 77'
FW 16 Claudio Bieler
GK 1 José Francisco Cevallos Substituted in 63'
DF 3 Renán Calle
DF 6 Pedro Larrea
MF 7 Miller Bolaños
FW 9 Walter Calderón
MF 15 William Araujo Substituted in 81'
FW 19 Claudio Graf Substituted in 77'
Jorge Fossati
GK 1 Lauro
DF 13 Danilo
DF 3 Índio
DF 14 Danny Booked 80'
DF 6 Kléber
MF 20 Glaydson Substituted off 46'
MF 11 Magrão
MF 5 Pablo Guiñazú (c)
MF 10 Andrés D'Alessandro Substituted off 72'
FW 7 Taison Substituted off 52'
FW 9 Nilmar
GK 12 Michel Alves
DF 4 Álvaro
DF 15 Gonzalo Sorondo
DF 16 Marcelo Cordeiro
MF 17 Andrezinho Substituted in 46'
FW 19 Alecsandro Substituted in 52'
FW 24 Luis Bolaños Substituted in 72'

Assistant referees:
Cristian Julio
Lorenzo Acuña
Fourth official:
Jorge Osorio

Recopa Sudamericana
2009 Champion

LDU Quito
First Title

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