List of Armenian territories and states

This is a list of Armenian states, countries and regions throughout history. It includes empires, countries, states, provinces, regions and territories that have or had in the past one of the following characteristics:

  • An ethnic Armenian majority or significant portion of it
  • Armenians are an official, constitutional or titular nation
  • Armenian as an official language or the native language of the majority
  • A Armenian ruling class or dynasty


  • Prehistoric Armenia 1
  • Historical political entities 2
    • Early 2.1
    • Medievial 2.2
  • Modern political entities 3
    •  Ottoman Empire 3.1
    •  Russian Empire 3.2

Prehistoric Armenia

Historical political entities



Modern political entities

Early 20th century: Western (Ottoman) and Eastern (Russian) Armenias.

 Ottoman Empire

Before 1864 1864-1923

Six Armenian vilayets

  1. Bitlis Vilayet
  2. Erzurum Vilayet
  3. Diyarbekir Vilayet
  4. Mamuretülaziz Vilayet
  5. Van Vilayet
  6. Sivas Vilayet

 Russian Empire

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