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Title: Vandur  
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Wandoor is a town in Malappuram district district of Kerala, India at 11°11′44″N 76°14′09″E / 11.19556°N 76.23583°E / 11.19556; 76.23583Coordinates: 11°11′44″N 76°14′09″E / 11.19556°N 76.23583°E / 11.19556; 76.23583. It is located near to Manjeri.

The town is growing due to the hundreds of NRIs and their remittance plays a major role in local trade and business. Many of the old buildings here are being replaced by modern complexes.

Narimadakkel is a tourist place in wandoor.


Karunalaya Hospital, built in 1958 by the American missionary Henry Otten is located in Wandoor.

The Otten English School has over 700 students and now has students graduating with high-school equivalent degrees.

A new hospital named Noor Institute of Medical Specialties, NIMS with modern facilities have established in Wandoor recently with the participation of NRIs and some prominent personalities of Wandoor.

The nearest railway station is at Vaniyambalam [1] three km from Wandoor town. One of the major state highway SH-73 is passing through Wandoor town. It connects Nilambur-Perinthalmanna-Valanchery towns of malappuram district. And also one of the major road Manjeri-Wandoor-Kalikavu road is also passing through Wandoor town.

Train Time Table Towards Shornur

Following table is updated on 12 Sep 2013.

Train No. Train Name From Departure To Arrival Travel Time Reservation
56612 NIL SRR PASS Vaniyanbalam 07.01 Shoranur 08.30 01.29 No
56614 NIL SRR PASS Vaniyanbalam 09.21 Shoranur 10.50 01.29 No
56616 NIL SRR PASS Vaniyanbalam 11.31 Shoranur 13.00 01.29 No
56618 NIL SRR PASS Vaniyanbalam 15.06 Shoranur 16.35 01.29 No
56610 NIL PGT PASS Vaniyanbalam 17.12 Palakkad 20.45 03.33 No
56620 NIL SRR PASS Vaniyanbalam 19.27 Shoranur 21.00 01.33 No
16350 RAJYA RANI EXP Vaniyanbalam 20.51 Trivandrum 06.25 09.34 Yes


The town is set for fast growth in the coming years due to high prices of agriculture products like rubber and NRIs' support to the economy. There has been a rapid growth in the economy, providing many opportunity to local people to initiate their business.


Wandoor assembly constituency (SC) is part of Wayanad (Lok Sabha constituency)


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