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Edward Ullendorff

Edward Ullendorff
Born 25 January 1920
Died 6 March 2011
Occupation scholar, historian
Ethnicity British
Alma mater Graues Kloster
Hebrew University
University of Oxford
Notable works The Ethiopians: An Introduction to Country and People (1966)

Edward Ullendorff FBA (25 January 1920 – 6 March 2011[3]) was a British scholar and historian. He was a prominent figure in Ethiopian Studies and also contributed work on the Semitic languages.


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Ullendorff was educated at the Graues Kloster in Berlin, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the University of Oxford.

He was previously Reader in Semitic Languages at the University of St. Andrews, Professor of Semitic Languages at the University of Manchester, and Professor of Ethiopic at the University of Oxford.

Prior to his death in 2011, Ullendorff was Professor Emeritus at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, where he was Professor of Ethiopian Studies and then of Semitic Languages.


  • Exploration and Study of Abyssinia. A brief survey
  • The Semitic Languages of Ethiopia. A Comparative Phonology (1955)
  • An Amharic Chrestomathy (1965)
  • The challenge of Amharic (1965) An inaugural lecture delivered on 28 October 1964
  • The Ethiopians: An Introduction to Country and People (1966)
  • Ethiopia and the Bible (1968) Schweich Lectures of The British Academy (1967)
  • Some early Amharic letters. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 35.2:229-270. (1972)
  • Is Biblical Hebrew a Language? (1977)
  • Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie of Ethiopia (1978), translator
  • The Amharic Letters Emperor Theodore of Ethiopia to Queen Victoria and Her Special Envoy (1979), with David L. Appleyard, Girma-Selassie Asfaw
  • The Hebrew Letters of Prester John (1982), with C. F. Beckingham.
  • A Tigrinya Chrestomathy (1985)
  • The Two Zions : Reminiscences of Jerusalem and Ethiopia (1989)
  • From Emperor Haile Selassie to H. J. Polotsky Collected Papers IV: An Ethiopian and Semitic Miscellany
  • From the Bible to Enrico Cerulli A Miscellany of Ethiopian and Semitic Papers
  • Hebraic- Jewish Elements in Abyssinian (Monophysite) Christianity (1956)

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