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Fox Sports

Fox Sports is the brand name for a number of sports channels, broadcast divisions, programming, and other media around the world that are either controlled or partially owned by the family of Rupert Murdoch. These assets are held mainly by 21st Century Fox, with the exception of the operations in Australia, which are part of News Corp Australia. (21st Century Fox and News Corp are the two companies resulting from the breakup of the larger News Corporation in mid-2013; the Murdoch family retains voting control of both entities.)

The name originates from the Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States, which in turn was derived from the name of the Fox Film Corporation (later 20th Century Fox). The Fox Sports name has since been used in 21st Century Fox's and News Corp's other sports media assets around the world.


  • Channels and divisions 1
    • United States 1.1
    • International 1.2
    • Asia 1.3
    • Australia 1.4
    • Brazil 1.5
    • Canada 1.6
    • Italy 1.7
    • Japan 1.8
    • Netherlands 1.9
    • Turkey 1.10
  • Other media 2
  • References 3

Channels and divisions

United States


  • Fox Sports International, an international sports programming and production entity of the Fox International Channels Group, which distributes sports programming to various countries.
  • Fox Sports Latinoamérica, is a Spanish cable television network broadcasting to various Latin American countries.
    • Fox Sports Norte: Venezuela, America Central and Rep. Dominicana
    • Fox Sports Oeste: México
    • Fox Sports Sur: Colombia, Perú, Bolivia and Ecuador.
    • Fox Sports Este: Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
  • Fox Sports Chile (Before Fox Sports Basico)
    • Fox Sports: (With the programation of Fox Sports Sur)
    • Fox Sports 2: All Latin American countries
    • Fox Sports 3: All Latin American countries (except Brazil)
    • Fox Sports Uruguay: Uruguay


  • Fox Sports Asia, a sports channel for Asian viewers, was launched in 2013, replacing ESPN Asia.
  • Fox Sports 2 Asia was launched in 2014, replacing STAR Sports.
  • Fox Sports 3 Asia also was launched in 2014, replacing Fox Sports Plus HD Asia.



  • Fox Sports Brazil is a Brazilian sports channel launched on February 5, 2012.
  • Fox Sports 2 (Brazil)



  • Fox Sports Italy is an Italian sports channel launched in 2013 alongside Fox Sports Plus and Fox Sports 2, which carries MLB, NFL, NCAA Sports, Volley Champions League and Euroleague Basketball.


  • Fox Sports Japan began producing sports shows in 2013, which are broadcast in several Fox channels.



Other media

News Corporation (and subsequently 21st Century Fox) has also used the Fox Sports name in its other sports media assets., a web site operated by Fox Sports Digital Media, provides sports news online. The Fox Sports College Hoops '99 basketball video game is published by their Fox Interactive division.


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