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History of the Bench and Bar of California

By: Mcadam, David, 1838-1901, Bischoff, Henry, 1852-1913, Clarke, Richard H., Richard Henry, 1827-1911, Van Cott, Joshua M, Reynolds, G. G., George G., Daly, Charles P., Charles Patrick, 1816-1899, Truax, Charles Henry, 1846-1910, Fowler, Robert Ludlow, 1849-1936, Baker, John, Jessup, Henry Wynans, Peckham, Wheeler H., Wheeler Hazard, 1833-1905, Winters, William H., William Huffman, 1848-1917, Silliman, Benjamin D., Benjamin Douglas, 1805-1901, Courdert, Frederick Ren, Redfield, Amasa A., Amasa Angell, 1837-1902, Dykman, Jackson O

...ances. The "Alta" remarked at that time: "We understand that quite a large party banded themselves together at the California engine- house for the pu... ... ward could always be depended on to deposit sufficient votes to elect the party in power ; although to do this it was necessary to record more votes ... ...heir special care that only good and qualified men shall be elected at the primaries." Mr. O'Meara has uttered some strong words in defense of Casey. ... ...s and practiced his pro- fession until September, when he entered into the Presidential cam- paign as chief orator for the Fremont party, and in Novem... ...y the Supreme Court. At the age of twenty-four years he was elected on the Republican ticket as Dis- trict Attorney of Colusa County, although that co... ..., when, at the age of a little over twenty-nine years, he was elected as a Republican Attor- ney-General of California. He was the first Attorney-Gene... ... County, 1874 to 1876. Nominee of Republican party for Con- gress in 1884. Presidential elector in 1886. Elected Mayor of Ukiah, in which office he ha... ...bocker Club. Republican. BIOGEAPHICAL 381 ELIZABETH L. KENNEY. Resideuee, 2012 West Washington Street; otfiee, 301 American Banlv Building, Los An- g...

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